‘moon village’ plans announced by european space agency

‘Moon Village’ Plans Announced by European Space Agency

The ESA (European Space Agency) has revealed its plans and intentions to build villages on the Moon in the next decade to be completed by 2030. The announcement came in a recent conference attended by 200 scientists, industry experts and engineers. The ESA’s announcement anticipates possible construction of the Moon base within the next five…

Spacex will send 40 “mousetronauts” to the international space station

SpaceX Will Send 40 “Mousetronauts” to the International Space Station

Move over, Stuart Little. Mousetronauts are capturing the hearts and minds of many fans and admirers as they get ready to embark on a space mission. SpaceX, which produces rockets and spacecraft, is going to send 40 mice in order to be part of a routine International Space Station (ISS) mission, which involves resupplying the…

Google smartphone used as space robot’s brain

Google Smartphone Used As Space Robot’s Brain

In breaking news, someone has found a use for an experimental Google smartphone, and it’s serving as the brain of a space robot. Sounds glamorous right? Exploring Mars, expanding our horizons, conquering the last frontier, and taking our eyes to the furthest corners of the universe? Not so much. These robots, called SPHERES, serve as…

Live stream: russian cosmonauts conduct 7 hour spacewalk on space station

Live Stream: Russian Cosmonauts Conduct 7 Hour Spacewalk On Space Station

The live stream below shows two Russian Cosmonauts beginning their work on the International Space Station. The stream of their work will last another 4 hours. Live streaming video by Ustream Spacewalk To Repair International Space Station Two Russian cosmonauts began a seven-hour spacewalk this morning to install new equipment on the International Space Station….

Mars curiosity rover experiences corrupted files, put into safe mode

Mars Curiosity Rover Experiences Corrupted Files, Put into Safe Mode

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover had just begun exploring and analyzing rocks on the surface of the planet when it began experiencing some problems with a computer glitch caused by corrupted files. The rover has been switched to a back-up computer, which is now being reconfigured, so that it can take over. Mars Curiosity: Science, The…