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10 amazing facts you need to know about mars

10 Amazing Facts You Need to Know about Mars

Mars, also known as the ‘Red Planet’ has been a wonder for many. Space exploration projects by NASA have sent many robots to the planet, which have fed us some interesting facts about the star. It Has Two Moons Mars has two moons called Deimos and Phobos, and one of them is headed for destruction…

To the space station, the moon, and mars

To the Space Station, the Moon, and Mars

On Friday, January 10, 2020, NASA welcomed 11 new astronauts who are the first to graduate since the Artemis program was announced; and these new plebes are now eligible for space flight assignments. For those not familiar with the Artemis program, the goal is to land the first woman and another man on the moon…

Look, up in the sky! Celestial events for april

Look, up in the Sky! Celestial Events for April

Tiangong-1, translated to ‘Heavenly Palace,’ is a 9.4 ton Chinese bus-sized space station that was launched in 2011 and was China’s first space station, but they lost contact with it in 2016. After two failed repair attempts, a ‘technical issue’ caused the spacecraft to fall out of orbit and it began its uncontrolled tumble and…