Retro game review: marathon

Retro Game Review: Marathon

The Credo of Marathon: Move fast  Seize the initiative  Wield superior firepower Dive into the melee  Anticipate enemy movements  Slaughter the defenseless  Endure Back before Bungie hit it off with the first Halo and became a household name, it was a little known company that made a variety of games almost exclusively for the Macintosh….

The dawngate closes ending hope for future mobas

The Dawngate Closes Ending Hope For Future MOBAs

Dawngate. A mystical and wonderous game, one that promised to break the monotony that rules the current MOBAs. One that promised to break the meta, and introduce a flexible gaming style that meant that anyone could play however they wanted and still be successful. One that promised to revolutionize the genre forever. Unfortunately, late on…

255 tbps: all the internet speed you’ll ever need

255 Tbps: All the Internet Speed You’ll Ever Need

A team of researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology and University of Central Florida recently decided that fiber optic cables just weren’t fast enough, and they’re right. Traditional fiber optic connections are just so slow. After all, who has the time to wait the 3 seconds it would take to download an entire game, or the 7 seconds it…

It’s a snake, it’s a robot, it’s robosnake!

It’s a Snake, It’s a Robot, It’s Robosnake!

One small step for man, one small… slither? Wait, what? Part Snake, Part Robot Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Oregon State University, and Zoo Atlanta have developed a robot that imitates one of the most iconic animals on the planet: The snake. More specifically, the sidewinder. This peculiar snake is one of…

Dota 2 rekindles the flame

DotA 2 Rekindles the Flame

Just last week, DotA 2 received one of the most extensive patches in it’s relatively short lifespan. Not only was there a complete remodel of one of the characters, but two of the most iconic heroes were reworked entirely, an entirely new item was added, and nearly everything in the game, from heroes to items…