Retro game review: marathon

Retro Game Review: Marathon

The Credo of Marathon: Move fast  Seize the initiative  Wield superior firepower Dive into the melee  Anticipate enemy movements  Slaughter the defenseless  Endure Back before Bungie hit it off with the first Halo and became a household name, it was a little known company that made a variety of games almost exclusively for the Macintosh….

Graphene flash memory: the next step?

Graphene Flash Memory: The Next Step?

We’ve come along way since 1980, when 20 GB of storage space weighed 2 metric tons and cost the better part of a million dollars. One of the most recent advances in memory storage technology has been the change from traditional hard drives to flash memory, but memory may be set to take another great…

Thomas was alone… but not for long

Thomas Was Alone… But Not For Long

Thomas Was Alone is a bit of a strange game. It’s self described as a minimalist puzzle platformer about friendship and jumping. The jumping part isn’t terribly surprising, considering how it would be rather difficult to make a platformer without a means to move around, but the rest of the game is rather pleasantly surprising….

Antichamber – game review

Antichamber – Game Review

Antichamber is a game that plays you as much as you play it. At first glance the game looks like a simple first person puzzle game, much in the same vein of Portal and Portal 2. The perspective is the same, the object of the game is similar, and you even use a rather unconventional…

The dawngate closes ending hope for future mobas

The Dawngate Closes Ending Hope For Future MOBAs

Dawngate. A mystical and wonderous game, one that promised to break the monotony that rules the current MOBAs. One that promised to break the meta, and introduce a flexible gaming style that meant that anyone could play however they wanted and still be successful. One that promised to revolutionize the genre forever. Unfortunately, late on…

Borderlands: the pre-sequel review

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Review

Borderlands 2 was a pretty awesome game. It was funny, tragic, engaging, and complex. It had a plethora of memorable characters, a well written story, and moments that just made you bust up laughing. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, despite being a pretty good game in its own right, doesn’t quite measure up to the same standard….

255 tbps: all the internet speed you’ll ever need

255 Tbps: All the Internet Speed You’ll Ever Need

A team of researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology and University of Central Florida recently decided that fiber optic cables just weren’t fast enough, and they’re right. Traditional fiber optic connections are just so slow. After all, who has the time to wait the 3 seconds it would take to download an entire game, or the 7 seconds it…

Get your own holo deck with microsoft roomalive

Get Your Own Holo Deck With Microsoft RoomAlive

Ever thought that it would be really cool to have a holo deck, just like in Star Trek? One that could simulate and project your wildest dreams, allowing you to do or become anything you wanted? It’s often been thought of as the ultimate virtual reality, and there have even been philosophers who have argued…

Hendo hoverboard: will you be the next mcfly?

Hendo Hoverboard: Will You Be The Next McFly?

People have been fascinated with the idea of hoverboards since Back to the Future II came out. The idea of being able to glide unimpeded over virtually anything has a lot of appeal. Just imagine the tricks you’d be able to pull off if you weren’t impeded by wheels. Well, it turns out the actual…

Fbi director thinks you’re too secure

FBI Director Thinks You’re Too Secure

We live in a world that is increasingly insecure. Viruses and worms abound on the internet, just waiting for a victim. We hear of massive security breaches like the one that Home Depot recently had on almost a biweekly basis. The private accounts of celebrities are hacked. Exploits and vulnerabilities like Heartbleed are so widespread…

Drones: the future of racing with quadcopters

Drones: The Future of Racing with Quadcopters

Building and flying modern airplanes is a popular hobby that has existed in one aspect or another for more than 50 years, but with the advent of quadcopters, it’s really come into its own. Now more than ever there are those who spend their time designing, modifying, and flying their quadcopters. But while some people are…

Scientific game, eterna, is designed to help scientists learn

Scientific Game, EteRNA, is Designed To Help Scientists Learn

It turns out that even scientists like video games, but not for the reason you might expect. EteRNA EteRNA is a game created by scientists to help them explore how RNA, one of the various ways that our body uses to communicate and store data, folds into various shapes. This is important because the way…

It’s a snake, it’s a robot, it’s robosnake!

It’s a Snake, It’s a Robot, It’s Robosnake!

One small step for man, one small… slither? Wait, what? Part Snake, Part Robot Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, Oregon State University, and Zoo Atlanta have developed a robot that imitates one of the most iconic animals on the planet: The snake. More specifically, the sidewinder. This peculiar snake is one of…

Dota 2 rekindles the flame

DotA 2 Rekindles the Flame

Just last week, DotA 2 received one of the most extensive patches in it’s relatively short lifespan. Not only was there a complete remodel of one of the characters, but two of the most iconic heroes were reworked entirely, an entirely new item was added, and nearly everything in the game, from heroes to items…

‘i am legend’ remake reportedly in the works

‘I Am Legend’ Remake Reportedly In the Works

Hollywood seems to have a thing for raising the dead. And no, I’m not talking about the horrendous flood of zombie related media that seems to be all the rage. No, I’m talking about how Hollywood hasn’t had an original idea in the better part of 10 years, so they just keep resurrecting old books…