Wwe supercard is a superfail

WWE SuperCard is a SuperFail

Let’s compare Warcraft with the WWE.  Not much in common, there, right? On the one hand you have a franchise that’s based entirely around the graphic and glorified portrayal of ultra violence, populated by idealized and hyper sexualized characters, with cheesy drama so thick you could cut it with a knife. The fans of this…

Enter the shadow realm: bioware’s newest ip

Enter the Shadow Realm: Bioware’s Newest IP

You’ve been having nightmares.  Bad ones. Over and over again. You wake up screaming every night. Rings of fire. Broken glass. Shape shifters. Face stealers. A businessman with a visage of smoke.  You’ve been chosen. Being awake isn’t much better. Wherever you go, you can’t help but look over your shoulder. You’re being watched, you’re…

Ibm’s new brain-inspired chip performs 46 billion operations per second

IBM’s New Brain-Inspired Chip Performs 46 Billion Operations Per Second

The human mind is an incredible piece of work. In the average human brain there are around 86 billion neurons and as many as 100 trillion synapses, or connections between neurons. This allows us to store and process a ton of data. Some estimates say that the human brain is able to hold more than…

Fantastic creations: an exclusive interview with wood splitter lee

Fantastic Creations: An Exclusive Interview With Wood Splitter Lee

Geek Insider recently had the unique opportunity to interview Wood-Splitter Lee, an artist who originally hails from Alaska. Why is her art so unique? She hand creates fantasy creatures like you’ve never seen before. Fire Foxes, Baby Unicorns and Moon Dust Wolves grace her Deviant Art profile page. Check out what she had to say…

Warframe – review

Warframe – Review

The first time I played Warframe, it was, quite frankly, terrible. The gameplay was boring, there wasn’t even a semblance of a story, the visual design was strange, the tutorials were nonexistent, the UI was among the worst I’d ever seen, and it was pay to win rather than free to play. All in all,…

News from the wizarding world: short story depicting ageing harry potter

News from the Wizarding World: Short Story Depicting Ageing Harry Potter

Muggles, rejoice! Rita Skeeter’s latest article was leaked to the muggle world early this morning, detailing the latest sightings of our favorite heroes from the magical world. Rita Skeeter hasn’t lost her snark, or her propensity for wild, unfounded speculation, but the update on the most famous wizards of the magical world is more than welcome….

Magic 2014 – game review

Magic 2014 – Game Review

I’ve enjoyed Magic: the Gathering for a long time, so when MtG 2014 went on sale on Steam I decided to drop a couple of bucks and get it. Frankly, I’m not sure if I’m happy or disappointed with my purchase.  Initial Impressions On the one hand, MtG 2014 is just that: Magic: the Gathering….