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Archeage beta preview: just another wow clone

ArcheAge Beta Preview: Just Another WoW Clone

I’m a very critical person. It’s very, very rare that I’ll give my wholehearted approval on something. This goes double for games. I can (and will) even pick out flaws in games that I absolutely adore. I have yet to find an absolutely perfect game.  So when I say that the ArcheAge beta was the…

Free to play favorites – available on steam

Free to Play Favorites – Available On Steam

As free to play becomes more and more ubiquitous, it seems to be harder and harder to find quality free to play games, especially if they’re not created by industry giants. While I doubt that free to play will ever completely replace traditional payment schemes, it seems to be here to stay, for good or…

Wwe supercard is a superfail

WWE SuperCard is a SuperFail

Let’s compare Warcraft with the WWE.  Not much in common, there, right? On the one hand you have a franchise that’s based entirely around the graphic and glorified portrayal of ultra violence, populated by idealized and hyper sexualized characters, with cheesy drama so thick you could cut it with a knife. The fans of this…

Enter the shadow realm: bioware’s newest ip

Enter the Shadow Realm: Bioware’s Newest IP

You’ve been having nightmares.  Bad ones. Over and over again. You wake up screaming every night. Rings of fire. Broken glass. Shape shifters. Face stealers. A businessman with a visage of smoke.  You’ve been chosen. Being awake isn’t much better. Wherever you go, you can’t help but look over your shoulder. You’re being watched, you’re…

Planetary annihilation – game review

Planetary Annihilation – Game Review

There are a fair number of games floating around today that have pedigrees so long you’d think they were show dogs. You know the ones I’m talking about. Call of Duty. Battlefield. Halo. Anything by Blizzard or EA Sports.  This can be both good and bad. Just like with dogs, too much inbreeding can make…

Fantastic creations: an exclusive interview with wood splitter lee

Fantastic Creations: An Exclusive Interview With Wood Splitter Lee

Geek Insider recently had the unique opportunity to interview Wood-Splitter Lee, an artist who originally hails from Alaska. Why is her art so unique? She hand creates fantasy creatures like you’ve never seen before. Fire Foxes, Baby Unicorns and Moon Dust Wolves grace her Deviant Art profile page. Check out what she had to say…

Warframe – review

Warframe – Review

The first time I played Warframe, it was, quite frankly, terrible. The gameplay was boring, there wasn’t even a semblance of a story, the visual design was strange, the tutorials were nonexistent, the UI was among the worst I’d ever seen, and it was pay to win rather than free to play. All in all,…

Nsa and your phone calls: the finest of ironies

NSA And Your Phone Calls: The Finest of Ironies

What the individual thinks is irrelevant. Only what the government thinks and what their perspective that individual and what they are doing is relevant. Just thirty years ago the United States was locked in one of the most epic pissing contests of all time with the United Soviet Socialist Republic. The US stood for the…

News from the wizarding world: short story depicting ageing harry potter

News from the Wizarding World: Short Story Depicting Ageing Harry Potter

Muggles, rejoice! Rita Skeeter’s latest article was leaked to the muggle world early this morning, detailing the latest sightings of our favorite heroes from the magical world. Rita Skeeter hasn’t lost her snark, or her propensity for wild, unfounded speculation, but the update on the most famous wizards of the magical world is more than welcome….

Escape velocity: nova – review

Escape Velocity: Nova – Review

Retro games. Sometimes playing them is more about the nostalgia than actually having fun. Doom. Pac Man. Tetris. Sometimes, though, a game can be five, ten, or even fifteen years old and still be fun. Escape Velocity: Nova is one of those games. It was released all the way back in ’02, but the gameplay…

Amd promises to set the standard by 2020

AMD Promises to Set the Standard by 2020

On June 19, AMD announced plans to increase the energy efficiency of its processors by 25 times or more by the year 2020. They’re calling this goal the “20×25.” This is a huge commitment, since over the last 6 years AMD processors have only improved their energy efficiency by 10 times. This latest goal means…

‘mechwarrior: online’ – review

‘MechWarrior: Online’ – Review

Mechwarrior Online is a game that’s absolutely brimming with potential. While there is absolutely no storyline or singe player, the basic premise is still a lot of fun. The year is 3050, and you are a pilot of the most advanced war machine mankind has created: the BattleMech. These bipedal tanks range from a “mere”…

Magic 2014 – game review

Magic 2014 – Game Review

I’ve enjoyed Magic: the Gathering for a long time, so when MtG 2014 went on sale on Steam I decided to drop a couple of bucks and get it. Frankly, I’m not sure if I’m happy or disappointed with my purchase.  Initial Impressions On the one hand, MtG 2014 is just that: Magic: the Gathering….

Hp machine: pushing computing out of the silicon era

HP Machine: Pushing Computing Out Of The Silicon Era

The technological future is looking a bit bleak at the moment. Within the next ten to twenty years, we will probably reach the limit of Moor’s Law, which states that computing power will approximately double every 18 months, while also having more data than we know what to do with. This is because transistors can…