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Netflix vs. Max: the battle of titans in streaming

Netflix vs. Max: The Battle of Titans in Streaming

In the digital playground of streaming services, two behemoths stand tall: Netflix, the veteran trailblazer, and Max (formerly known as HBO Max), the ambitious contender. Both offer a treasure trove of content, but which one truly reigns supreme? Let’s break down the details. Content Library: The More the Merrier? Netflix is often hailed for its…

What you need to know about hbo’s watchmen series without the spoilers

What You Need To Know about HBO’s Watchmen Series without the Spoilers

Watchmen is the only comic book to be on Time’s list of a hundred great novels, making it the number one comic book in the world right now. For all its popularity, a lot of people are still unfamiliar with the series storyline and its source material.  One reason might be because there’s too much…

Get hyped for westworld season 3

Get Hyped for Westworld Season 3

HBO’s Westworld is Coming Back in 2020 HBO offered a treat to all the Westworld fans earlier this week when they released a semi-cryptic and eerie clip, implying the release of the third season.  The teaser trailer hints at a tremendously evolved season in store for fans of Westworld. They referenced real-world events down to…

It’s strasmore v. The ncaa as ‘ballers’ wraps up season four

It’s Strasmore v. the NCAA as ‘Ballers’ Wraps Up Season Four

Ballers Season 4, Episode 9: “There’s No Place Like Home, Baby” As the old saying goes, all’s well that ends well. But did this end well? I guess it depends on how you look at it. From an in-universe perspective, things seem to work out reasonably well for most everyone. After spending most of this…

‘ballers’ tackles privilege and protests in an all-new episode

‘Ballers’ Tackles Privilege and Protests in an All-New Episode

Ballers Season 4, Episode 7: “The Kids Are Aight” While this season of Ballers hasn’t been its best up to this point, the writers haven’t shied away from controversial material, and I applaud them for that. This season’s main storyline has been about exposing NCAA corruption (which we’ll get to in a few minutes), and…

‘ballers’ tackles a corrupt system in an all-new episode

‘Ballers’ Tackles a Corrupt System in an All-New Episode

Ballers Season 4, Episode 6: “No Small Talk” Last week, Spencer started putting a plan in motion that would make Sports X relevant again and avoid an eight-figure loss on the entire deal. Sure, it involved what looked like some pretty shady shit, but surely Spencer would ultimately do the right thing—right? This week, the…

Time to double down on an all-new ‘ballers’

Time to Double Down on an All-New ‘Ballers’

Ballers Season 4, Episode 5: “Doink” Through all of the ups and downs of the last three seasons, Spencer Strasmore has taken a lot of risks, and he’s played fast and loose at times with basic ethics and morality. He usually does the right thing in the end though. Depending on your particular worldview, that…

Lance is spending like there’s no tomorrow on an all-new ‘ballers’

Lance Is Spending like There’s No Tomorrow on an All-New ‘Ballers’

Ballers Season 4, Episode 3: ” This Is Not Our World” We don’t get a full sense of the fallout after the controversial ending to last week’s surfing tournament, but it’s obvious that, despite his words to the contrary, Lance Klians isn’t happy about the way things went down. We don’t know if Cola-Cola backed…

‘ballers’ tackles issues of racial identity in its latest episode

‘Ballers’ Tackles Issues of Racial Identity in its Latest Episode

Ballers Season 4, Episode 2: “Don’t You Want to be Obama?” Most of us will never know what it’s like to be a professional athlete. Only a tiny fraction of the population are gifted with just the right combination of talent, opportunity, and drive that allow them to reach the top-level of their chosen sport….

Spencer and joe get extreme as ‘ballers’ hits the west coast

Spencer and Joe Get Extreme as ‘Ballers’ Hits the West Coast

Ballers Season Four, Episode One–“Rough Ride” Season Four of Ballers kicks off (pardon the pun) with a game-changer (and that one) that’s going to rock (I promise—that’s the last one) Spencer Strasmore’s world. After winning his battle with the NFL last season but ultimately losing the war, Spencer seemed ready to settle back into the…

Westworld: will the 2nd season answer our many questions?

Westworld: Will the 2nd Season Answer Our Many Questions?

The second season of Westworld is set to air on April 22nd with more ways to confuse us. Where we left off in the last season, we were left contemplating if machines could basically be sentient and if it is ok to transfer consciousness from a human to basically a robot. And we’re left with…

Insecure: the show that isn’t getting enough attention

Insecure: The Show That Isn’t Getting Enough Attention

HBO’s hit Insecure is still getting slept on, even after two brilliant seasons. The show (written and directed by lead Issa Rae) focuses on the love lives, work lives, and friendships of two African American women. But this show is more real than Hollywood usually allows for women of color. The main characters (Issa and…

Late night talk show host john oliver and hbo being sued by coal baron

Late Night Talk Show Host John Oliver and HBO Being Sued by Coal Baron

John Oliver, late night talk show host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, is being sued by coal baron and owner of Murray Energy Corporation, Robert Murray for “defamatory” comments Oliver made on his show. The lawsuit which was filed in West Virginia earlier this week, claims Oliver had malicious intent and that many of his…