‘harry potter: hogwarts mystery’ isn’t perfect, but it’s “riddikulus” not to try it

‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’ Isn’t Perfect, but It’s “Riddikulus” Not to Try It

If you’re a Harry Potter fan who’s been patiently waiting for your letter admitting you into Hogwart’s, you might get a kick out of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. (I know I did when I got mine in the picture above). Like any mobile game, this one has its pros and cons, and maybe this quick…

App review of toy crush

App Review of Toy Crush

Toy Crush is a puzzle-style brain game created by Match 3 Fun Games. It is rated E for everyone, and it also contains a variety of in-app purchases for players. It’s quick and easy to install Toy Blast on your Android smartphone device. Simply navigate to the Google Play Store, click the green install button and…

‘metal gear solid v: the phantom pain’ is stunning – but is it sexist?

‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ Is Stunning – but Is It Sexist?

I have a confession to make to all the MGS die-hards out there – up till now I’ve never played a single title in the entire history of the franchise. I’m a neophyte to the weird world of Big Boss, bipedal nuke carrying mechas, terror and counter-terror plots, and abounding corniness and pretension stemming from the…

Magic 2014 – game review

Magic 2014 – Game Review

I’ve enjoyed Magic: the Gathering for a long time, so when MtG 2014 went on sale on Steam I decided to drop a couple of bucks and get it. Frankly, I’m not sure if I’m happy or disappointed with my purchase.  Initial Impressions On the one hand, MtG 2014 is just that: Magic: the Gathering….

Braid – game review

Braid – Game Review

Ever made a mistake you wish you hadn’t?  Of course you have… everyone has.  Ever wish you could go back in time and pretend that mistake never happened?  Or would you rather learn from that mistake and continue forward, all the wiser?  In Braid, a game released back in 2008 by indie developer Jonathan Blow,…

Limbo – game review

Limbo – Game Review

Limbo by Danish game developer, Playdead, is an artistic masterpiece that is disturbing, beautiful, and open to interpretation. The 2D puzzle platform game was released in 2010, but if you haven’t played it yet, now is the time.    Limbo – Game Review As the name suggests, the setting of this game is in a…

Dark review

DARK Review

I’m just going to go ahead and say this from the outset – DARK is not a good game. It’s so bad, in fact, that I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it. I tried. I really did. I just couldn’t do it. Is that unprofessional of me? Maybe, but honestly, at this point, I…