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App Review of Toy Crush

Toy blastToy Crush is a puzzle-style brain game created by Match 3 Fun Games. It is rated E for everyone, and it also contains a variety of in-app purchases for players. It’s quick and easy to install Toy Blast on your Android smartphone device. Simply navigate to the Google Play Store, click the green install button and it will instantly get downloaded to the smartphone connected to your Google account.

Toy Blast is a totally engaging game. The game is packed with colors, features, levels, bonuses and all forms of interactive activity. Already, it has garnered a 4.5/5 rating from some 3,485 reviewers with plenty of positive feedback on app features, functionality, and addictive appeal. The tech specs for this app state that you must have an Android 4.0 and higher, but that’s pretty much all it takes to get started. At its heart, Toy Blast is a puzzle solving game. Players are required to solve increasingly complex puzzles as they advance to higher levels of gameplay.

To do this, you must simply match 2+ cubes alongside one another to clear levels and finish missions. The nature of the game is perfectly suited to players across the spectrum. Whether you’re a newbie to smartphone games, or a veteran of puzzle games, this one is particularly impressive. It is satisfying to solve puzzles while you’re blasting the cubes away and forming winning combinations. You can crush the cubes when you match 2+ of the same cube colours. Successful players will see their name posted in the high score columns in increasingly competitive games. As you advance to higher levels of the game, you’ll be able to enjoy terrific rewards and features.

Blast Away Cubes and Advance to Higher Levels of the Game

Toy blast app review

Toy Crush requires players to rapidly whittle away the number of different colored cubes on the screen. You can do this by matching colors and removing multiple blocks from each level. When you match 5/6 cubes, you will be rewarded with a rocket. If you can do better than that, and match 7/8 cubes, you will be rewarded with a bomb. Players who are lucky enough to match 9 cubes will earn the spectacular color wheel – indicated by the picture on the right above. There are so many fantastic levels in this puzzle-style game, that you are guaranteed never to be bored again. This is the perfect play on the go puzzle-style game for Android fans.

Toy blast app reviewIf you like toys, puzzles, and rewards, this is for you. There are trains, cubes, beach balls, squeaky hammers, and a huge variety of exciting puzzles to keep you playing into the early hours. The game has been designed for maximum engagement, and the boosts will serve as the perfect incentive to keep you blasting away and advancing to higher levels. What’s great about this game is that it is 100% free to play. You can power up your smartphone at any time, and enjoy an addictive variety of puzzle-style games. Don’t be fooled by how easy it is in the beginning – each incremental level adds a layer of difficulty to the challenge. Once you have worked your way through several levels, you’ll know exactly how much strategy is needed to successfully complete levels.

Play to Your Heart’s Content

The game is free to play, and there are ads to help game developers continue upgrading and providing the best possible experience. Simply ignore the ads and enjoy the game. Since you don’t have limited lives, you can play as long as you want without worrying about a thing. Anyone can master this game with enough practice – it’s a great addition to your Android selection of online games. There are hundreds of levels to work your way through, and the only issue players had when they finished the game was that they thoroughly loved it and were looking for a new game by this popular game developer!

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    I having trouble with leave1024 it want work right when I get it all done one of the circle want disappear ??? on toy crush mania