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6 ways to delete temporary files in windows 11

6 Ways to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 11

As the name suggests, temporary files are not meant to remain forever in your device. Windows and third-party software use them to store data for a limited time. Therefore, you should not worry when programs create short-term files for all kinds of purposes. While these files are meant to be temporary, no program deletes them…

5 different ways to change dns server settings on windows 11

5 Different Ways to Change DNS Server Settings on Windows 11

If your DNS server is not the fastest or most reliable type, you can change it through the five ways discussed below. Before you make any changes, be sure to understand the DNS server’s role in your Windows 11 PC. Essentially, the Domain Name System (DNS) server transforms all the domains you enter in your…

What’s the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit windows?

What’s the Difference Between 32-Bit and 64-Bit Windows?

Windows versions are mainly classified as Home and Pro editions. Sure, these are different Windows versions, but there’s another factor that distinguishes the version. Is it 32-bit or 64 bit? You’ve probably come across these terms or heard them thrown around, but do you really understand what they mean? Read on to understand these designations,…

What to expect from windows 10

What to Expect From Windows 10

You may not have liked Windows 8. You may have liked Windows 8.1 a little better. But now, Microsoft is skipping the number nine altogether to bring you Windows 10, aka “Threshold,” which is being offered as a free upgrade for most people with a Windows 7 or 8 computer. So here’s what to expect…

Looking back at ‘five nights at freddy’s’

Looking Back at ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’

[youtube] When I say ‘Chuck E. Cheese,” what kind of flashbacks do you have? Are they rambunctious and colourful, or do you have horrible, war-like memories of the infamous ball pit? Regardless of your stance on the building, it does have a presence, and to some debatably lucky few, it was a childhood staple….

Winamp demise imminent: eulogizing a fallen friend

Winamp Demise Imminent: Eulogizing a Fallen Friend

Llamas worldwide have emerged from their safety bunkers upon hearing the news that Winamp and its associated services will be abandoned in December, bringing to an end 15 consecutive years of being a better option than Windows Media Player. If you know what I mean, then you were there with me. Join me in remembering…

How to run android on your pc

How to Run Android on Your PC

You can boot into Windows, or you can boot into Linux. Or, you can boot into Android too! While running Android apps on your computer is easy – you need emuators like BlueStacks, running Android itself on your PC is a different case. Using some virtualization tools, you could be rocking a legal version of…

Why steamos will fail

Why SteamOS Will Fail

Valve has recently made three announced that will shake up PC gaming, for what the  company assumes is the better. I disagree. SteamOS sounds great at first: your whole Steam collection in console form that can easily be usable while on the couch in the living room, why not!? SteamOS Well, unfortunately, that’s hardly the…

Windows 8. 1 preview available for download now

Windows 8.1 Preview Available for Download Now

Windows 8 wasn’t much success because users were not ready for the Metro UI yet, and they still wanted the desktop mode with the infamous Start button on their machines. Well, Microsoft has released a preview for their latest Windows 8.1, bringing a lot of demanded features back. The preview is now available for free…

Rumor: nokia tablet being tested at at&t for july release

Rumor: Nokia Tablet Being Tested at AT&T for July Release

We’ve all been hearing about the Nokia EOS being tested at AT&T, slated for a July release. Now, reports have emerged that there is a Nokia tablet being tested as well, to be released along with the EOS. Speculation about Nokia entering the tablet market has been rising for some time now. Nokia had earlier…

Viber with video calling now on windows and mac

Viber with Video Calling Now on Windows and Mac

Viber, the cross-platform messaging and voIP app, has rolled out too many goodies all at once. The app now supports video calling. A new update pushed recently sports a new UI on its Android version. Viber Media has made significant changes to the look and feel of the app. Even better – it’s now available…

Intel launching android notebooks: danger for windows?

Intel Launching Android Notebooks: Danger for Windows?

Intel is planning to ditch Windows 8 and launch convertible notebooks running on Android in the near future, sources working with notebook vendors have claimed. 11 inches, $500 In light of the major decline in PC sales recently, with the last quarter giving us the worst drop in history, Intel has decided to shake up…