Windows 8. 1 preview

Windows 8.1 Preview Available for Download Now

Windows 8 wasn’t much success because users were not ready for the Metro UI yet, and they still wanted the desktop mode with the infamous Start button on their machines. Well, Microsoft has released a preview for their latest Windows 8.1, bringing a lot of demanded features back. The preview is now available for free and can be installed on any machine running Windows 8.

Windows 8. 1 preview

Desktop mode lovers will love the Windows 8.1 because it brings back the Start button with it’s new features and there’s a new Boot to Desktop option that will bypass the Metro UI and bring you to your favorite Desktop mode when booted. There are many new features as well that will give you more control over customizing the OS according to your needs.

If you want to try out the new Windows 8.1 Preview then you can do it for free and easily without much hassles. Follow the steps below to install Windows 8.1 preview on your PC.

First of all, you should back up any files that you want to keep. Check out Google Drive or Dropbox to store your important files, or you can use an external drive to save your files. Always make a back up before updating your system, better safe than sorry. Even though Microsoft says that the update won’t remove any applications or files, it’s still always better to have a back up ready.

Install Windows 8.1 Preview

Go to, and click the button download for Windows 8.1 preview.

Once the update has finished downloading, click “Yes” when asked to install the Windows update installer.

After the installation has completed, your device will be restarted.

Once the system restarts, there will be a pop-up notification that will ask you to install the Windows 8.1 preview from the Windows Store, click it.

Now, click the Download button on the Windows 8.1 preview page and let the installer finish the process.

Voila, after a couple of reboots, the latest Windows 8.1 preview is installed and ready to be used on your device.

You can also download the mountable .ISO files for Windows 8.1 preview and install it traditionally, if you’re not into automatic updates and stuff.

Do let us know what are your thoughts are on the new features of Windows 8.1.