iPhone with Dual-LED Flash Spotted

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A fresh set of rumors and leaks hint at the existence of dual LED flash on the next iPhone- the iPhone 5S. 9to5Mac reports that the next iteration of the iPhone will be featuring an LED with two different colors for improved low-light photography.


The multiple leaked photos suggest that the iPhone 5S will not be bringing any change in terms of design and build. The size of the handset appears to be the same. Other features expected in the iPhone 5S are an improved processor – the A7 chip, and a better camera sensor, which could be a Sony 13 megapixel sensor.

But aside from these incremental upgrades, the biggest change to the iPhone so far seems to be the LED. Multiple tests over the past few years have demonstrated that dual LED flash is a better option for lowly-lit photographs. Dual-LED flash shows a minimal brightness and distance drop in photos compared to photos taken with a single LED flash.

Another rumor that has been doing the rounds is that of the iPhone 5S including a fingerprint scanner. Apple filed a patent in February this year for a fingerprint sensor that could be hidden in the bezel of a device, aiding both aesthetics and functionality. Apple also acquired AuthenTec, a mobile security firm that specializes in fingerprint technology for mobile devices. The July 2012 deal was worth $356 million.

Rounding up all the rumors so far, we could be looking at an iPhone 5S having the same design and build as its predecessor. It should be powered by an improved processor, and possibly a better camera sensor as well. The camera may be complemented by a dual-LED flash on the handset. Also, the bezel of the device may include a fingerprint scanner for security.

Of course, there have been equally strong rumors of a budget iPhone as well. It has had its share of leaks as well, but there are no confirmations on either the budget or the mainstream variant as of now. Until then, we wait.