Iphone 5s

New iPhone 5S to Debut in August?

Who cares if your shiny new iPhone 5 is only 6 months old? Rumors are flying (once again), and the word on the street is that we might just see the iPhone 5S this summer. Reports are saying that Apple fans could have an iPhone 5S in their pocket by August. Yep, a short 11 months since the launch of the iPhone 5.

According to sources, the iPhone 5S will likely sport only a specs upgrade, similar to the iPhone 4S upgrade. Odds are, it will have an optics upgrade as well as a better processor. If the rumors are true, Apple fans can also expect an improved camera (perhaps a rival to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 predictions?), which will be housed in the same body as the iPhone 5. Also, if the rumors hold any weight, consumers could expect to see upgrades in software, as well.

Also, spewing out of the rumor mill, are reports that there is going to be a new iPad 5 coming in April and maybe even an iPad Mini 2. If these accusations are true, this would mean an incredibly quick turn around time for both iPad models as they recently launched back in November.

Even with these rumors hurtling around, there is no word on what could be in store in regard to upgrades in either of these models. It seems pretty unlikely that the iPad Mini 2 would have a Retina display this quickly, but I guess you never know what Apple might have up its sleeves.

Disappointed that your new iDevices might already be outdated? Fear not, as these are only rumors. Time will tell, though, if you will need to get ready to trade your phone or tablet in for the next best thing anytime soon. As always, you can count on Geek Insider to bring you the latest-breaking information, right to your online doorstep!