New Windows 8 Hardware Specs Suggest Microsoft Shift To Smaller, Cheaper Tablets

Microsoft has recently lowered the logo requirements for any new Windows 8 devices, to let its partners build Windows 8 running devices with a bit lower resolutions. This move to lower the resolution requirements suggests that Microsoft is looking forward to jumping right into the smaller and cheaper tablet market; to compete against popular tablets…

Geek insider exclusive interview – stefan weitz, senior director of search, bing

Geek Insider Exclusive Interview – Stefan Weitz, Senior Director of Search, Bing

Geek Insider would like to thank Stefan Weitz, Senior Director of Search at Bing, for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us. We would also like to thank Phil Butler for coordinating the interview. ***********Begin Interview Transcript*********** Geek Insider: Firstly, the versatility of the Photosynth samples I’ve seen is very impressive….