January 2021 offerings from shudder

January 2021 Offerings From Shudder

Shudder kicks off 2021 with two thrilling Shudder Originals, Hunted from Oscar-nominated filmmaker Vincent Paronnaud and The Queen of Black Magic, from two giants of modern Indonesian horror, Kimo Stamboel and Joko Anwar; the much anticipated second season of original series A Discovery of Witches with new episodes weekly; a binge release of season one of The Walking Dead: World Beyond,…

Aliyah royale on the walking dead: world beyond

Aliyah Royale on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

More About Aliyah Royale Geek Speak with Aliyah Royale Follow Aliyah on Social Media Instagram Twitter IMDb TWD: World Beyond Season 1 Comic-Con Trailer TUNE IN TO AMC Season Premiere: October 4, 2020 at 10pm ETSubscribe to The Walking Dead channel on YouTube

Our definitive ranking of every group member from ‘the walking dead’

Our Definitive Ranking of Every Group Member from ‘The Walking Dead’

There are a lot of constants on The Walking Dead, but the group of survivors featured is not one of them. With 6 full seasons under their belt, it’s a requirement now that every season has character deaths and new blood to join the ranks. So as I was rewatching the series leading up to the…

‘the walking dead’ will come to life at universal studios

‘The Walking Dead’ Will Come to Life at Universal Studios

Have you ever put yourself in the shoes of Rick Grimes living through the zombie apocalypse of AMC’s The Walking Dead? Well no need to wonder any longer as Hollywood’s Universal Studios has made that vicarious thought a little more palpable. On July 4th, Universal Studios is said to open The Walking Dead attraction with…

February’s loot crate is dead fun!

February’s Loot Crate is Dead Fun!

I can hear your groans from here. It’s hard making puns, you know? Calm yourselves! If you haven’t already guessed, this month’s Loot Crate is “dead” themed. And honestly, if you couldn’t guess it from the title then it’s really on you. Surviving a zombie apocalypse has never been easier with Loot Crate’s monthly magazine,…

Children in horror films: how far is too far?

Children in Horror Films: How Far is Too Far?

Children die in movies all the time. They get sick, are involved in disasters, or just die as a result of natural causes. This is seen as acceptable in the eyes of the public, but is it ok for horror movies to kill off children? There is a difference when a child dies in a…

Image comics: an origin story

Image Comics: An Origin Story

It’s time to start worrying about mainstream comics. While DC and Marvel duke it out in movie theaters with a new mega-franchise seemingly every week, their printed content is lagging in creativity and ingenuity. With each franchise reboot and each origin story told and then retold, even their truest fans are growing weary. Desperate for…

The walking dead prize pack giveaway – sponsored by flashy geek

The Walking Dead Prize Pack Giveaway – Sponsored by Flashy Geek

Geek Insider, in conjunction with Flashy Geek, is giving away an awesome The Walking Dead Prize Pack. This prize pack includes: 1 Random The Walking Dead Season DVD Set 2 The Walking Dead Bobble Heads 2 The Walking Dead T-Shirts Please use the widget below to enter to win! Walking Dead Prize Pack Giveaway

Win it! Custom ‘the walking dead’ t-shirt giveaway – courtesy of tshirtonomy

Win It! Custom ‘The Walking Dead’ T-shirt Giveaway – Courtesy of Tshirtonomy

Win It! One of three Custom ‘The Walking Dead’ T-shirts from Tshirtonomy! Use the Rafflecopter Widget below to enter to win one of three ‘The Walking Dead’ custom tees. a Rafflecopter giveaway OFFICIAL RULES Geek Insider reserves the right to substitute similar prizes of equal or greater value in the event the above prize is unavailable…

The walking dead game s2 e4 “amid the ruins” review

The Walking Dead Game S2 E4 “Amid the Ruins” Review

Return to Form [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TgHThlzcWI?rel=0]   “Amid the Ruins” returns The Walking Dead Game back to a lot of what it was known for in previous episodes following a stifling experience in the last episode.  In Episode four, the player is given even greater responsibility over Clementine’s new group, to the point where it may mean…

Zombie versus zombie: the last of us vs the walking dead

Zombie Versus Zombie: The Last of Us vs The Walking Dead

The thing about the living dead is that they don’t really change. Okay, sure, some of their portrayals demonstrated zombies evolving, learning to use basic tools, and even speaking, but on the whole, a mass of undead trying to kill you is just a mass of undead trying to kill you. Two zombie games have…

The walking dead compendiums: 18 volumes in two giant books

The Walking Dead Compendiums: 18 Volumes in Two Giant Books

This article may contain spoilers. As a television series, The Walking Dead has created cult of a fan base with its popularity. These obsessed, slightly crazed fans have morphed the show into their social lives with it constantly sparking conversations and debates. Some will even go so far as to throw themed parties for season…