Most hardcore moments from the walking dead

Most Hardcore Moments from the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, despite internet squabbling, is an incredibly intense show that is unlike anything else on television right now. Main characters die constantly and no one is safe. This makes hardcore moments that much more meaningful. Here are some of the most hardcore and intense moments from The Walking Dead. Obviously, there are spoilers…

The walking dead season 4 – episode 3 recap

The Walking Dead Season 4 – Episode 3 Recap

Walkers wreaked havoc in the prison, livestock was offered up for sacrifice, and a mysterious firebug had a field day burning sick survivors. Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead offered plenty of chills and questions that were left unanswered. So what happened this week on AMC’s hit series? Was the unknown illness contained? Was…

The walking dead season 4 episode 2 recap

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

After something of a bland premiere two Sundays ago (though it shattered several television and network records), The Walking Dead aired the second episode of its highly anticipated fourth season on Sunday night. What went down after the chilling cliffhanger a week ago? Did Patrick truly succumb to his illness and turn Walker within the…

The walking dead season 4 – episode 1 recap

The Walking Dead Season 4 – Episode 1 Recap

After months of anticipation and weeks of counting down to its premiere, The Walking Dead finally made its grisly return to television on Sunday night. Did the fourth season’s first episode live up to the expectations of the millions of fans who eagerly awaited the arrival of Rick Grimes and company? Take a gander below…

The walking dead: 400 days – game review

The Walking Dead: 400 Days – Game Review

After playing The Walking Dead: The Game and waiting for the agonizing months to pass until the show returns, I heartily welcome anything related to The Walking Dead universe and storylines.  Telltale Games’ 400 Days attempts to bridge the gap, providing a collection of short stories that could potentially give us a glimpse of what…

The walking dead: the game – review

The Walking Dead: The Game – Review

Zombies are everywhere.  Well not literally, of course… you would either be battling the hordes of undead or eating brains (but definitely not reading this review).  Zombies are in everything from books (Pride and Prejudice with Zombies) to movies (Warm Bodies, World War Z) to music (Rob Zombie).  The Walking Dead (both the graphic novel…

The walking dead: spoil yourself!

The Walking Dead: Spoil Yourself!

The trailer for the forth season of The Walking Dead is out, and I am excited. It looks like we’ll have more side-characters for the zombies to munch on; a change of location; and Tyreese might actually get a few lines. But beyond the visceral, ponderous madness that is the show, I have a problem….