Our Definitive Ranking of Every Group Member from ‘The Walking Dead’

The walking dead

There are a lot of constants on The Walking Dead, but the group of survivors featured is not one of them. With 6 full seasons under their belt, it’s a requirement now that every season has character deaths and new blood to join the ranks. So as I was rewatching the series leading up to the season 7 premiere, I was wondering just how many people have been in that group. Also, where would each one rank compared to the others.

So I began keeping notes of everyone who came and went in a spreadsheet. (Writer/Dork alert!) As each character was killed off during my rewatch, I ranked them by judging how long they were on the show, how interesting they were and did they have storylines that affected the overall plot. The results may surprise you in some places. But don’t worry, I’m a fan too. So it’s not like I put Father Gabriel at number one. Again, this list contains people who were part of the group Rick belonged to throughout the show. So you won’t find The Governor or any Saviors on this list. I’m not looking at the show’s cast members. I’m looking at members of our survivor group from Atlanta to the farm to the prison, etc. So let’s start at the very bottom. From Aaron to Zack, we rank every group member from The Walking Dead.

The No Names

At the very bottom, not deserving of a number are the extras. In a few different storylines, Rick’s group has been large enough that we have characters who just make up the numbers in the background. When they took in the citizens of Woodbury after the Governor went loco, there were a bunch of them. Ultimately the story wrote all of them off by having their escape bus overrun by walkers. Slightly more important are the extras in the camp outside Atlanta. There’s even a point in season 1 when Glenn is listing off those who were killed and he stops short after saying the names we know. So obviously those characters weren’t important enough to even get temporary names. The Alexandria extras have a bit more to do. Those with some type of story arc made the proper list, but there were just too many who are useless to the story. Sorry people like Francine and Bruce. You didn’t make the cut.

The Comprehensive Walking Dead Group List

The walking dead

65. Ed- (season 1) Carol’s abusive husband had no discernible skills or purpose other than showing us Carol’s sad reality at the start of the outbreak. He was only alive for the first few episodes. But objectively, Ed was the worst.
The walking dead 64. Ryan- (season 4) Ryan is an obscure member of the group, but he had a few moments of significance with Carol before being bitten in season 4 at the prison. Most notably he was the father of Lizzie and Mika.
The walking dead 63. David- (season 6) We got a surprising amount of back story for David while he tried to get back to Alexandria with Glenn, Michonne, and co. Hopefully you didn’t get too attached. He died that same episode.
The walking dead 62. Annie- (season 6) Annie was missing from the Alexandria events of season 5 because she was on a run with Heath. When she does show up in season 6, she plays a supporting role navigating the mega herd away from Alexandria. But a twisted ankle slows her down. Then she becomes zombie chow.
The walking dead 61. Scott- (season 6- present) He gets some decent screen time in the same episode Annie gets killed, but he survived. His entire time on the show has essentially been him standing in the background of Alexandria. Kenric Green, who plays Scott, happens to be married to Sonequa Martin-Green who plays Sasha. Could there be a potential romance between their characters in the future? Not if Abraham has anything to say about it.
The walking dead 60. Patricia- (season 2) Her most notable contribution to the group was being understandably salty about her husband, Otis’, death. For most of the season at the farm she stood in the background… and then she got killed by the farm herd.
The walking dead 59. Pete- (season 5) The guy Chris Hardwick so lovingly christened “Porch Dick,” Pete was apparently a surgeon. But in reality all he did was give Rick the stink eye, threaten Rick, attack Rick, and then get killed by Rick. Well he also beat his family and killed poor Reg with Michonne’s sword. So yeah, he really sucked.
The walking dead 58. Sam- (season 5-6) Kids on The Walking Dead don’t typically do very well. Sam really didn’t do well. His father, Pete, hit him. Then Carol scared the bejesus out of him to keep her gun stealing quiet. After that, he mostly hid in his room. Eventually the herd overrunning Alexandria was a bit too much for him. One emotional breakdown on the human chain to freedom and the walkers chowed down. The real question with Sam was how was his haircut so bad when his mom was a hair dresser?
The walking dead 57. Caleb- (season 4) The good doctor definitely could have fit in with the group longer, but it wasn’t to be. One of the Woodbury refugees invited into the prison, he was vital to surviving that creepy flu that caused your eyes to bleed. But ultimately that’s what did him in.
The walking dead 56. Olivia- (season 5- present) One of the first Alexandrians we met, but she hasn’t done a whole lot to make her time on the show memorable. She manages the inventory… So we aways see her counting cans of soup and looking at the guns. She did make an appearance during the Alexandrian beatdown of the mega herd in episode 6.9. But she needs to do more to move up on the list.
The walking dead 55. Duane- (season 1) He could probably be ranked lower since he didn’t do a whole lot in his one episode, but Morgan’s son was just like Carl. We saw what happened to Morgan after Duane died. Imagine Rick if Carl died early on? Bonus points to Duane for his comic book collection.
The walking dead 54. Patrick- (season 4) Another one who could have been an interesting member of the group. But the eye bleed flu got him. The scene where he defends his playing with legos to Rick even though he’s a teenager is a classic. Now he’s playing with legos up in the sky.
The walking dead 53. Aiden- (season 5) Aiden was the poster boy for Alexandrian naivety. He talked a big game, but was ultimately pretty useless. I guess being Deanna’s son made him feel entitled. Ultimately he got his comeuppance. Being a tool doesn’t mean you deserve to die. But it does on The Walking Dead.
The walking dead 52. Karen (& David)- (season 3-4) It’s easy to forget Karen started out with the Governor, but her time with Rick and co. was short. Carol ends up killing her to try to stop the spread of the flu. Then we got to listen to Tyreese talk about Karen and David, Karen and David for the rest of the season. That Tyreese-Karen romance was quite underdeveloped if you ask me. (I include David here because he did nothing else besides being killed with Karen.)
The walking dead 51. Carter- (season 6) He was only in one episode, but he definitely made an impact in that season 6 premiere. He quarreled with Rick, questioning everything he said. He tried to stage a coupe. Held a gun to Eugene and subsequently gets pistol whipped by Rick. Then the grand finale. He gets his face eaten by a walker. “Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?” Well no, Rick. I don’t think he did.
The walking dead 50. Eric- (season 5- present) Eric had a few good scenes in his first episode as we learned about his and Aaron’s relationship. But since then he hasn’t been around very much. He hosted Daryl for spaghetti once. Then he killed some zombies in the mega-herd while still wearing a walking boot. He’s definitely a likable character, but he’s currently just a background Alexandrian.
The walking dead 49. Jimmy- (season 2) He was Beth’s boyfriend on the farm and spent most of the time in the background with Patricia. But we know he was anxious to learn some skills from Rick and the group even though Hershel didn’t approve. So that counts for something. He went out trying to help Rick and Carl out of the burning barn.
The walking dead 48. Zach- (season 4) Another one episoder, he split his short tenure between guessing Daryl’s past profession and being Beth’s boyfriend. He edges out Beth’s former flame, Jimmy, because of those fun exchanges with Daryl.
The walking dead 47. Ron- (season 5- 6) Oh Ron, you giant pain in the butt. Abused by his father and then conflicted over that father’s death, it was just impossible to sympathize with such a unlikeable turd. There were a few times it looked like he was going to try to adjust to the new way of life. But he was always more concerned with his angst than the greater good. He tried to kill Carl in that garage which drew the walkers to their hiding place. So really it’s his fault his mom and brother got killed. Then he shoots Carl’s eye out! Here’s a sword through the back for your troubles.
The walking dead 46. Reg- (season 5) Reg was a nice and reasonable guy. Everything he said was well thought out and he was great at mediating arguments. So naturally he met a grizzly and unfair death only a few episodes into his tenure.Thanks a lot, Pete.
The walking dead 45. Otis- (season 2) Was Otis a bumbling oaf or a selfless hero? Well I guess he was a bit of both. He shot Carl, so high fives there. It was an accident though. The bullet caught Carl after going through a deer. He then volunteered to go and get the needed equipment to save him. The way Shane offered him up to the walkers was tough to watch. But it was the catalyst for Shane’s decent to madness, which is a great group of episodes.
The walking dead 44. Jacqui- (season 1) Jacqui is probably a bit higher than she should be, but being part of the Atlanta group helps her here. We never learned too much about Jacqui. But we did learn that she had enough at the end. She called it quits at the CDC.
The walking dead 43. Jim- (season 1) His death in season 1 was used to show the audience what happens to a person after they get bitten. But before that, the group got very concerned that he was digging a bunch of holes to pass the time? In season 1 everyone was still so sane and normal. They even tied him to a tree until he calmed down. In season 6, our group goes and stabs 40 Saviors in the head. How times have changed.
The walking dead 42. Tobin- (season 5- present) He’s alright. That’s the best way I can think to describe Tobin at this point. He’s been reasonable adapting to Rick and the group taking over Alexandria. Now he’s Carol’s love interest. But as soon as that started, she ran away. So I guess it wasn’t that serious.
The walking dead 41. Sophia- (season 1-2) She did absolutely nothing in season 1 except for cry and whine. But her death in season 2 is definitely one of the most heartbreaking moments ever on the show. How did I not guess she was in the barn?! The looks on the faces of the cast when she walks out are incredible.
The walking dead 40. Oscar- (season 3) He was one of the two inmates to join the group when they moved into the prison. He had a chance to shoot Rick, but he (rightly) chose to shoot the pest Andrew and solidify his place with Rick’s group. He got killed at Woodbury, but he was fairly likable in his short time on the show.
The walking dead 39. Axel- (season 3) Axel is the more memorable inmate in season 3, but he didn’t last much longer than Oscar. There were a few moments where it looked like he was a real creep. Like asking Beth how old she is… But ultimately he seemed okay. He was shot by the Governor while macking on Carol.
The walking dead 38. Nicholas- (season 5-6) “Thank you” for not being on the show anymore, Nicholas. After playing the part of Aiden’s main stooge, he kept trying to kill Glenn. But that Glenn, what a nice guy. He kept giving Nicholas more chances to redeem himself. He tried to do so at the end. But then he went and shot himself, pushing Glenn off that dumpster. Glenn survived, but if he hadn’t, Nicholas might have found himself at the bottom of this list.
The walking dead 37. Enid- (season 5- present) I think I find Enid more annoying than the common viewer. Maybe not. But she’s just another whiny teenager as the rest of the group is trying to survive murderous gangs and herds of walkers. She has a good motto that fans have taken to: “Just survive somehow.” But she doesn’t add much to the show at all. She would be much more interesting if that fan theory where she was actually a spy for the Wolves was true.
The walking dead 36. Mika- (season 4) Mika seemed to be a normal kid stuck in an abnormal time. She was constantly balancing her own fears with her annoyance at her sister’s crazy tendencies. Her death weighs heavily on Carol and Tyreese in subsequent episodes so she gets a boost in the rankings.
The walking dead 35. Amy- (season 1) She was the first significant death by walker on the show back in season 1. But she was an interesting character before that. As Andrea’s sister, the two balanced each other out well. The scene where she and Andrea are fishing and talking about the differences in their childhoods makes a great character moment.
The walking dead 34. Heath- (season 6- present) He seems like he should be a major player in the group by now, but Heath keeps leaving for big chunks of episodes to go on runs. That is likely related to the actor, Corey Hawkins, and the many projects he’s currently involved in. But still, he had a memorable episode struggling with the idea of killing in season 6.
The walking dead 33. Lizzie- (season 4) Lizzie was one of the most complicated characters to ever be in our group. It’s just icing on the cake that she was a sweet innocent (looking) child. She befriended walkers and mutilated small animals. But then she killed her sister, Mika in order to watch her come back as a walker. That’s taking it too far. Just look at the flowers, Lizzie.
The walking dead 32. Jessie- (season 5-6) Hairdresser, sculptor, mother to annoying children. It was nice for Rick to have a love interest for the first time since Lori died, but there was too much working against him and Jessie. She was doing her best to adapt to the new dangers by accepting the new Alexandrians and learning to wield weapons. All this came about after the death of her abusive husband. Jessie was only on the show for less than a season. But she definitely did a lot in that time.
The walking dead 31. Noah- (season 5) I still can’t believe how quickly Noah died after joining the group. He was the only positive to come out of that hospital storyline with Beth. A young guy on his own with a limp, struggling to adjust to the new world. He had us all rooting for him. His decimated neighborhood was our first look at what the Wolves could do. Then just as he lets his guard down in Alexandria, Nicholas’ stupidity gets him killed. He was going to be an architect. He was going to be an architect!
The walking dead 30. Judith- (season 3- present) It feels kind of insulting to put any significant members of the group behind Judith. But baby Grimes has impacted the show quite a bit since she was born in the prison. Her birth killed Lori and then everyone from Daryl to Beth to Michonne has played a huge part in her upbringing. If we get to see Judith as an older kid, she’s going to be screwed up. There’s no question. But as of now she represents innocence when every other character is guilty of something.
The walking dead 29. Morales- (season 1) The forgotten member of the Atlanta group, Morales was there when Glenn saved Rick and when they went back to find Merle. A decent zombie killer and trusted member of the group, he’s the exception on this list because he wasn’t killed. Morales and his family left the group before the CDC in season 1. I keep thinking it would be awesome if the Morales family rolled up to the group on Fear the Walking Dead in Mexico.
The walking dead 28. Father Gabriel- (season 5- present) He spent the second half of season 6 trying to win Rick’s trust. It seems like he’s finally got it after defending Judith and Alexandria a bunch of times. He has one of my favorite moments of episode 6.9. “We’ve been praying… together. Praying that God will save our town. Well, our prayers have been answered. God will save our Alexandria… because God has given us the courage to save it ourselves.” He then joined the fight, machete in hand.
The walking dead 27. Jesus- (season 6- present) Okay, I know. Jesus is a member of the Hilltop and just an ally of Alexandria at this point. But after joining them on a few missions it’s obvious they trust him. Well, unless he set them up and knew exactly how strong Negan was. But speculation aside, he’s a really interesting character. He can fight, he’s smart and he’s a cool guy. His first episode, 6.10, where he goes back and forth stealing a truck from Rick and Daryl is one of the most fun episodes from all 6 seasons.
The walking dead 26. Denise- (season 6) All I can think about with Denise now is how badly she tried to get that dumb soda for Tara. But beyond that, she had a strong arc as she gained confidence becoming the group’s doctor. Denise and Tara were a fun pair and she had some quality scenes with a lot of the cast. Morgan, Eugene, Daryl, Rosita, a lot of people got some time with Denise. Kidnapped by a Wolf, saved Carl, arrow through the eye. What a season she had.
The walking dead 25. Bob- (season 4-5) Bob’s story is really a tale of 2 seasons. In season 4 he’s struggling with alcohol and puts the group in danger to find himself a bottle. But then in the second half of 4 and the early part of season 5, he’s overly optimistic and always has a smile on his face. He develops a romance with Sasha before getting bitten and then having his leg eaten by the Terminus jerks.
The walking dead 24. Deanna- (season 5-6) “Who’s Deanna!?” Well Abraham, I’ll tell you. The Alexandria leader was an important character, but most of the time she was clashing with Rick. Nobody’s got time for that. After Reg died she wandered around aimlessly for a while. Then she got inspired again and promptly died. There’s only room for one sheriff in Alexandria and his name is Rick Grimes.
The walking dead 23. Tyreese- (season 3-5) One of the hardest characters for me to place on this list. Tyreese was an interesting dude. But he just seemed unsettled throughout his run on the show. He was with the Governor, but not really. He was with Rick, but was always disagreeing with him. Then Karen, his lady-friend got killed and he never really recovered. His time with Lizzie at her peak lunacy didn’t help either. Bonus points for his epic walker kills with his hammer. He went out with a pretty cool hallucination sequence with already deceased characters.
The walking dead 22. Beth- (season 2-5) Oh Beth. Definitely up there with Sophia for saddest death scene. Everyone’s memories of Beth would have her higher on this list. But don’t forget that Beth spent most of her time on the show looking on in the background. Her most pivotal moments came after the prison was destroyed. Her time on the road with Daryl was great. Peach schnapps anyone? But then her final half season was in that weird hospital. I’m still wondering why that storyline ever happened.
The walking dead 21. T-Dog- (season 1-3) As one of the core group from season 1, I always thought he deserved a bigger send-off than he got in season 3. He saved Carol’s life by getting devoured by walkers, but Lori died just a few minutes later and everyone seemed to forget about good ol’ T-Dog. But he was one of the trusted members of the group for his entire time on the show.
The walking dead 20. Aaron- (season 5- present) He’s the Alexandrian most integrated into Rick’s inner circle and all around a pretty interesting guy. When he first turned up in season 5 with his clean clothes and applesauce he seemed pretty shady. But ultimately he was just acting oddly because he was uncomfortable with bushy beard Rick and his band of scary misfits. The show plays up the Wolves finding his backpack and photos of Alexandria quite a bit. But I don’t really blame him for them showing up. They would have eventually. Plus he’s probably the best dressed dude in the zombie apocalypse. He must have stocked up on nice dress shirts and khakis before it all went down.
The walking dead 19. Merle- (season 1 & 3) We’re not really supposed to like Merle. But even as he perpetually screwed up, he was still interesting. His season 1 run was just racist remarks and getting handcuffed to a roof. In season 3, his return was quite unexpected and brought the story to some interesting places. He had a knife for a hand so that’s a start. He kept doing bad things for the Governor like beat up Glenn and kill innocent people. But eventually he sacrificed himself to help Rick, Daryl, and everyone. Sure he didn’t successfully kill the Governor, but he did try. His zombie scene was great visually and emotionally. Poor Daryl.
The walking dead 18. Lori- (season 1-3) Is Lori going to be with Rick or Shane? Is she going to keep the baby or not? it’s these questions that dominate Lori’s two plus seasons on The Walking Dead. When walkers came around, she hid and shielded Carl. When people fought, she hid and shielded Carl. With Lori, the story always seemed to be about the people round her. Even her death was overshadowed by the fact that Carl had to shoot her to prevent her zombification.
The walking dead 17. Dale- (season 1-2) Dale was shocked a lot. Remember that face he used to make? He was the father figure of the first few seasons. Sometimes that was a good thing, like with Glenn. Then others he was overbearing, like with Andrea. His feud with Shane was one he was never going to win. He was also the anti-killing voice before Tyreese and Morgan came around. Hershel basically took Dale’s role at the end of season 2. So Dale got his guts eaten. Sad.
The walking dead 16. Rosita- (season 4- present) Rosita’s time on the show has been too closely tied with Abraham up to this point. We don’t really know a whole lot about her and she’s been on the show a while now. She is, however, always in the thick of the fighting and has become a combat instructor in Alexandria. She’s definitely an underrated member of the group. We just need the show to give her more to do.
The walking dead 15. Tara- (season 4- present) It’s easy to forget Tara’s backstory because we got it through those Governor side story episodes in season 4. Then after her father, sister and niece died, she witnessed the Governor cut off Hershel’s head and she hasn’t quite been the same spunky personality since. I miss the fist bumps. Regardless, she still brings a lot to the table. Alanna Masterson, who plays Tara, was pregnant during filming for season 6. So I’m looking forward to her playing more of a role in season 7.
The walking dead 14. Eugene- (season 4- present) Eugene’s dialogue alone gives him this pretty high spot on the list. Well that and his mullet. His back and forth with Abraham is always a highlight of any episode. The massive lie about knowing how to cure the zombie plague was frustrating, but he’s given some good comedy relief since. He’s also had one or two moments of bravery. They’re rare, but they happen. “No one gets to clock out today.”
The walking dead 13. Morgan- (season 1, 3, 5-present) A father struggling to protect his son at the zombie outbreak, a raving lunatic who has to “clear,” and a pro-life philosopher. Morgan has taken a complete character turn multiple times, but his large absences from the show have allowed that. The current Morgan, which makes up most of his appearances, can be quite frustrating. But sometimes there needs to be someone like him to prevent Rick from becoming a trigger happy psycho. Sure, the Wolf in the basement was a mistake. But his last act in season 6 was shooting a Savior to rescue Carol. Who knows what season 7 Morgan will look like?
The walking dead 12. Andrea- (season 1-3) I’m not going to pretend I was always a fan of Andrea, but we can’t deny she was important. Each of the three seasons she was in presented a different Andrea. She was also a strong personality that didn’t just fall in line behind Rick, Shane, and even the Governor. That’s important to note since women weren’t that well represented in the early seasons.
The walking dead 11. Sasha- (season 3- present) Another underrated member of the group. She was presented as Tyreese’s sister for a while, but eventually she took the front seat. She lost Bob, then Tyreese and went through a bit of a crazy phase. Who hasn’t? On the other side of that dark time, she’s back to being an important personality in both violent and diplomatic moments. Plus, she’s the go to option with the sniper rifle.
The walking dead 10. Shane- (season 1-2) If Shane could have just held back and kept quiet for one more season, he and the more violent Rick of season 3 would have been best buds again. As it was, his thinking was just too out of sorts with the others. When you look at it, his life was crazy during seasons 1 and 2. Beyond the fact that zombies took over, Rick died and then came back. He won over Lori and then lost her. She was potentially pregnant with his child, but wouldn’t give him the time of day. More than any other character, I do miss Shane though. I would have loved to see him evolve next to Rick, Daryl, and the others.
The walking dead 9. Hershel- (season 2-4) In case you didn’t know, the farm from season 2 was Hershel’s. He says it about a thousand times. But he makes up for the annoying landlord phase with seasons 3 and 4. He becomes the most trusted advisor Rick has had throughout the entire show. Before Hershel, I didn’t know what it would look and sound like to cut off a human leg with an ax. It would have been tough for him to go back on the road after that with one leg. But the Governor killed him before we got to see him try. If only he had made it Alexandria. Then he’d be able to enjoy spaghetti Tuesday every Wednesday. What a shame.
The walking dead 8. Carl- (season 1- present) My mind thinks Carl should probably be even higher on the list. But my gut tells me he should be way lower. There are quite a few times where Carl makes my blood boil. I’m looking at you season 2… and 3… and 4… I guess there’s a theme on this list. Zombie apocalypse teen angst isn’t my thing. But Carl is important to the story. He’s been shot twice. The second time had the badass moment where he looked up to reveal a hole where his eye used to be under the sheriff’s hat. The first time Otis shot him through a deer. Less badass. I can see Carl being the last one standing at the end of the show. But for now, he’s just tolerable.
The walking dead 7. Abraham- (season 4- present) He hasn’t been on the show nearly as long as the other names around him near the top of the list. But Abraham is nothing if he’s not memorable. His odd catchphrases have become legendary to fans. His handlebar mustache, iconic. A short look at his past showed that after killing to protect his family, his wife and kids ran away in the night because they were scared of him. He then found them dead the next day. So this character, often used for comedy purposes, has a heartbreaking story. It’s definitely not cool the way he dumped Rosita. But even that can’t take away from how great a character he is. “I’ve been to 8 county fairs and a goat rodeo but I’ve never seen anything like that.” We agree, Abraham.
The walking dead 6. Maggie- (season 2- present) The farmer’s daughter, Maggie often comes across as the most grounded member of the group even as she’s surrounded by perpetual hardship and agony. Maggie and Glenn’s romance and marriage have added a layer to two independently interesting characters. She was also the first woman Rick would consistently bring on dangerous missions. Now she’s playing the role of diplomat for Alexandria. Even when she’s upset, Maggie never seems to lose her mind like the rest of the characters. Also, I’m a grown ass man but I’ll admit it, Maggie’s face when Daryl carries Beth’s body out of that hospital makes me cry every. single. time.
The walking dead 5. Carol- (season 1- present) There is no clearer evolution of a character on the show than Melissa McBride’s take on Carol. For a number of seasons, her screen time is limited. But she always takes advantage of the scenes she does have. With that being said, her limited storylines in the first few seasons prevent her from moving higher than number five on the list. From dealing with abusive Ed in season 1 to the sad search for Sophia in season 2, Carol became the important character she is today from those tough moments. Now when we think of Carol it’s her blowing up Terminus or her Savior killing sleeve gun. Or most importantly, will Carol-Daryl ever happen!?
The walking dead 4. Daryl- (season 1- present) Speaking of Daryl, here he is. Back in season 1, he was a more interesting version of Merle. So that’s probably why he was kept around. It would seem Daryl is the most at home in the apocalypse. His skill set translated perfectly with scavenging, hunting, and tracking becoming essentials. It’s a great scene days after moving into Alexandria, Daryl still refuses to take a shower. Along with that, he conducted his interview with Deanna while clutching a dead possum. That’s Daryl. But mixed in among those moments are sympathetic and heartwarming ones. It was unclear what kind of character Daryl was until his Cherokee Rose moment with Carol in season 2. He’s a tough guy with a heart of gold. That’s who he is.
The walking dead 3. Michonne- (season 2- present) With how proficient Michonne kills walkers with her katana, I wonder why the rest of the group doesn’t go and find swords of their own. Not only is Michonne potentially the most lethal fighter on the show, she is also a well-developed and interesting character. I didn’t expect Richonne to happen, but having a love interest at this point seems to fit since she’s become less reclusive season by season. She’s come a long way since she appeared as a walker-wielding silhouette at the end of season 2. Even with all that drama, she’s really fun also. So in other words, she’s layered like a real person.
The walking dead 2. Glenn- (season 1- present) No one has stared death in the face on The Walking Dead as much as our favorite pizza delivery boy, Glenn. Lower him into a well with a walker. Give him the eye bleed flu. Trap him under a dumpster surrounded by walkers. It looks like Glenn is going to die multiple times every single season. His survival isn’t the only thing that gives him the number two spot though. Glenn is the character who has grown up in the zombie apocalypse. We all think of Carl that way, but Glenn started out as an errand boy and slowly developed his own survival code. He never killed a living person until season 6, yet he never caused a scene arguing with Rick or the others like Dale or Morgan. He balanced a marriage with his duties for the group and just reliably gets the job done. With how this show works, I expect his luck to run out at some point. But since it always looks like he’s going to bite the dust, that would just be too obvious.
The walking dead 1. Rick- (season 1- present) Rick may look like to obvious a choice to top this list, but after considering all of the options, it has to be him. He’s an ever evolving character, which allows Andrew Lincoln’s performance to be fresh season after season. He’s had some of the most intense action sequences and badass lines of dialogue. His, “we are the walking dead” monologue is a classic. There is no one better at threatening people either. “…and a machete with a red handle. That’s what I’m gonna use to kill you.” Plus some other very memorable quotes. “I’m doing stuff, Lori, thangs.” He’s always at the forefront of the action. So even if he screws things up, at least he moves the story forward. Rarely in ensemble action movies/tv is the lead character the most interesting person in a cast, but Rick is. He’s like the team captain. He’s the best player on the team and he knows how to give an inspirational speech when the troops are down.

And that’s it! Thanks for reading through that long list. It’s guaranteed your ranking would be different from mine. So sound off in the comments. Who is in your top 10?

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