Yume twins unboxing

YumeTwins Unboxing: The Motherload of Fun, Cute Kawaii Gifts

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, and they come in all shapes, sizes, types, and for fans of all kinds. One of my personal favorite types of subscription boxes are kawaii care packages, where cute hand-picked gifts from Japan are chosen each month to be sent to your door. This month I had the opportunity to receive a kawaii care package that was the motherload of fun, cute Japanese gifts.

I received the October YumeTwins crate by TokyoTreat. I have scoured the internet for fun Kawaii subscription boxes to bring cute, fun merchandise from Japan right to my doorstep. I found YumeTwins and was ecstatic when I was able to receive a box of my own this month from the awesome minds behind the box. You canĀ get a charming Yume Twins box of your own for $23 per month plus s/h.

So many Japanese subscription boxes out there focus on purely anime or don’t offer gifts that I haven’t already seen before, but I was pleased to unbox this crate and see cute knick-knacks and plushes galore. There were lots of things in the box that I had never seen before, but I recognized the characters. Something I really liked about my YumeTwins crate was that I could tell that the items were carefully selected because it was the perfect mix of products and kawaii. Every month has a different theme, and this month’s theme was “Lovable Animals Box.” This is what I received:

Pompompurin Letter Set

Yume twins pompompurin letter set

Pompompurin Pen

Yume twins- pen
(you could also have received either a Hello Kitty pen or a Gudetama pen)

Gudetama Limp Mascot

Yume twins gudetama limp mascot

Amuse Alpacasso Plush

Yume twins

Neko Atsume Memo Pad


Airou and Merarou Towel


Re-Ment Mare Sweets Mascot


Shinada Fluffy Animal Plush


October’s YumeTwins box was great! I especially liked the products I can use for school since we are in the midst of the start of the school year (and midterms–I actually used the pen I got in my box on the midterm I had this past week). Now I can bring fun into my classroom with Neko Atsume notepads, Pompompurin pens, and more! I think my favorite gift of all in this box was the squishy Gudetama egg. I’d never seen a Gudetama gift like it before–and it was so perfect! He was the yolk in the little doughy egg. So cute!

November’s box looks just as fun–it’s breakfast themed! I wonder what kawaii items will be inside. Well, whatever they are, I’m sure they’ll be adorable and fun. Thank you, TokyoTreat, for this awesome kawaii box from Japan. YumeTwins is the ultimate box of kawaii goodness that is sure to brighten up your day when you see it on your doorstep, and make you smile when you open it up and see what’s inside. I loved the cute, unique items in this month’s crate and look forward to see what’s in store next month.

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