Fashion apps

7 Fashion Apps That Make Shopping Effortless

Fashion apps

Whether you’re stuck in an inspirational rut or want to get a head start on holiday shopping, there are plenty of helpful apps that allow you to browse outfits, try Walmart Plus, discover what’s currently trending, and rack up a hefty shopping bill without ever having to leave your house or look away from your cellphone.

From choosing an outfit for a special occasion to enhancing your vocabulary with new fashion jargon, these mobile apps are ideal for discovering modish finds with ease.

The Hunt

Fashion app- shop style

Available for iPhone and android users, The Hunt is a unique and convenient tool for discovering where to buy clothing, accessories, and popular beauty products you’ve seen on celebrities and Instagram influencers. The helpful community of users search their digital resources to locate exactly where to purchase desired products posted by their fellow users for an easier shopping experience.


Shop style- fashion apps

For the ones who don’t like to app hop, ShopStyle is the perfect hand-held department store with an endless selection of retailers, styles, and trends to browse through. As a one stop shop for iPhone and android users, this app is perfect for comparing brands while checking off the items on your wish list.


Fashion apps- polyvore

Polyvore is a creative tool for browsing through outfit ideas while creating your own personal look book. Similar to social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, this app allows you to collect individual pieces for the perfect ensemble while ‘liking’ the outfits created by other Polyvore members.

PS Dept. 

Ps dept. , fashion apps

When finding an item seems almost impossible or out of stock online, PS Dept. provides on demand assistance made up of stylists and fashion experts who become your very own personal shopper. Advertised as a ‘luxury fashion concierge service,’ this mobile shopping app helps to get ahold of those hard to find items with little to no effort required.


Mallzee- fashion apps

Swiping right on the Mallzee app might not get you a date for Friday night, but the tool can definitely get you an outfit for the weekend. With an easy and quick way to browse through fashion suggestions based on your previous search history, Mallzee is ideal for fashion inspiration on-the-go while receiving instant alerts for when those pricier items are finally within budget.


Fashion apps- stylekick
YouTube / Stylekick

Whether you enjoy a new fashion blog or want to post inspirational images of your own, Stylekick is perfect for following fashion-forward users while establishing your own, individual style with a unique tap and hold button that allows you share your favourite pieces via different social media platforms.

FAD- The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary

Fad- fashion dictionary, fashion apps

For technical insight, FAD- The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary is an educational app designed to teach users the difference between fabrics, styles, and retailers in an effort to improve one’s overall fashion sense. With more than 1,600 terms to learn from, this app is a useful database for first-time shoppers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

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