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Samsung spectacular unveiling of ai-powered galaxy phones on jan. 17

Samsung Spectacular Unveiling of AI-Powered Galaxy Phones on Jan. 17

Samsung is about to make a splash in the smartphone industry with the unveiling of its latest Galaxy phones. Set your calendars for January 17th, folks, because this event in San Jose, California, is not one to be missed. Samsung, a titan in the technology world, has been battling it out with Apple for dominance…

How to see the samsung privacy dashboard

How to See the Samsung Privacy Dashboard

Samsung devices also have the “Privacy Dashboard” feature introduced in Android 12. As the name suggests, the feature holds all your privacy-related things on your phone. So, you can tell which apps are running on your device and the permissions they’re using. However, the feature is not called “Privacy Dashboard” in Samsung devices. The manufacturer…

Samsung’s relúmĭno glasses are like something straight out of harry potter

Samsung’s Relúmĭno Glasses Are Like Something Straight out of Harry Potter

I don’t know if the folks over at Samsung intended it or not, but the name for their new vision-enhancing glasses sounds like a wizard’s spell straight from Harry Potter’s world. At first glance, the Relúmĭno glasses don’t look like anything special, just another pair of sunglasses. But when you start looking at the magic…

Galaxy s9 possibly the best samsung ever?

Galaxy S9 Possibly the Best Samsung Ever?

Well yes, quite possibly, and we can go even further by saying after spending a fortnight with this superb smartphone that Apple best watch out, as this little beauty is a good an iPhone rival as they come. With a design that can only be described as beautiful, this fantastic Android from Samsung boasts a…

Family hub: samsung’s cool new smart refrigerator

Family Hub: Samsung’s Cool New Smart Refrigerator

Technology keeps on getting smarter. From smartphones to tablets to TVs, companies are boasting about how smart their latest products are. What will they think of next? If you are not up to speed on the latest smart gadgets, then you probably haven’t heard of the smart refrigerator by Samsung. The Family Hub Refrigerator by…

Meet the gold plated samsung galaxy s6

Meet the Gold Plated Samsung Galaxy S6

Goldgenie and Their Gold Plated Madness There’s this sudden influx of phone manufacturers putting out top-of-the-line, premium built phones, hoping that somebody dumb rich enough will carry around an item that just screams ROB ME! Apple has gone all out with the solid gold Apple Watch Edition… Edition, and the Macbook (really unique naming conventions, there)….

Board the hype train and meet the samsung galaxy s6

Board the Hype Train and Meet the Samsung Galaxy S6

Grab your best pants and get your clicking finger ready because this week we have the Mobile World Congress rolling underway and you better believe there’s much to see. Tech lovers from around the globe are flying into Barcelona this year to get the first scoop on modern wireless innovation and design from the leading…

The smartwatch: geeky innovation at its finest

The Smartwatch: Geeky Innovation at its Finest

The age of the Smartwatch is finally upon us and we are that much closer to the technology of science fiction and spy movies. These devices go far beyond time telling, as they can synch wirelessly with your Smartphone and display notifications that you receive such as calls, texts and emails. They can also give…

Samsung’s u-tv is the future of television

Samsung’s U-TV Is The Future Of Television

Last week, Samsung released a new 110-inch ultra HD TV in South Korea selling for approximately $150,000. Samsung U-TV Is Bigger Than Ever Samsung’s new TV measures 8.5 feet by 6 feet making it the largest television of its kind. It will be sold in China, the Middle East and Europe. Manufacturers are moving toward…

Assessing the samsung galaxy gear’s mixed success

Assessing the Samsung Galaxy Gear’s Mixed Success

It would be accurate to say that when Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Gear, a wrist-mounted accessory for their range of Galaxy smartphones, I was really not impressed. Offering restricted compatibility, limited functionality and a hefty price tag of $300, it seemed set to be an expensive failure. Two months down the line, contradictory signals…

Apple reportedly developing curved iphone screens

Apple Reportedly Developing Curved iPhone Screens

A recent report has indicated that Apple is working on next-generation handsets featuring bigger screens and rounded edges, following in the footsteps of Samsung and LG. Their record of making more of specific features than their competitors hints that they stand to provide flexible display technology with mainstream awareness. Assuming the information is accurate, does…

Apple vs samsung | the battle for china

Apple vs Samsung | The Battle for China

Apple announced its fourth-quarter earnings results on Monday, October 28. The technology bellwether, which saw shares slump by 45% in the past six months, posted revenues of $37.5 bn and a net quarterly profit of $7.5bn, as compared to revenues of $36bn and a net quarterly profit of $8.2bn for the same quarter a year…