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The Smartwatch: Geeky Innovation at its Finest

The age of the Smartwatch is finally upon us and we are that much closer to the technology of science fiction and spy movies. These devices go far beyond time telling, as they can synch wirelessly with your Smartphone and display notifications that you receive such as calls, texts and emails. They can also give you weather information and track your distance and speed while running. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? If you have an iPhone, Android or Samsung Galaxy and absolutely need to have one, check these out:

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

This Smartwatch has a crystal-clear, 1.63-inch AMOLED touch screen and a 1.9 Megapixel camera attached. The device synchs with your Galaxy Smartphone, allowing you to place and answer calls straight through the watch. You can also use the watch’s built-in microphone for the calls that you make. The Galaxy gear will also give you notifications for texts, emails and social media.

Another cool feature of this Smartwatch is that it can remotely activate sounds or vibrations to your phone if you have misplaced it. You can also set your phone to auto-lock when you walk five feet away from it while wearing the watch.

You can customize the appearance of the Galaxy Gear with a variety of colors and display options, which include both analog and digital formats. This Smartwatch is compatible with the following Samsung Galaxy phones: Note 2/3, S 3/4 and Mega.


Pebble Smartwatch

This Smartwatch synchs with both iPhone and Android devices and, similar to the Galaxy Gear, can send you notifications and allow you to place and answer calls. Unfortunately, you still need to either use the phone or a Bluetooth set during those conversations. But the Pebble makes up for that with its abilities. It can control your device’s music playing through apps such as iTunes, Spotify and Pandora. It also has access to the Pebble App Store that has a large collection of apps for weather, fitness, golfing, navigation and more.

Like the Galaxy Gear, you can customize the Pebble Smartwatch with many different colors and watch faces. This Smartwatch will work with iPhone 4/4S/5/5c/5s and Android 4.0 or later devices.