How to run a successful kickstarter campaign – infographic

How To Run A Successful Kickstarter Campaign – Infographic

Are you curious about running your own Kickstarter campaign? Perhaps you have a great idea that just needs funding, but you don’t know where to start? Check out this incredibly detailed infographic below for a complete guide to starting and becoming successful with a Kickstarter campaign. How To Run A Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter awesome: yes they kano!

Kickstarter Awesome: Yes They Kano!

Imagine if Lego and a computer had a baby. Not one of the ones like that creepy new doll that wets itself and farts. The kind of baby that is super cool and fun. That baby, the cool one not the farty one, would be called Kano and everyone would love it. I don’t know…

Mutant league football hits kickstarter

Mutant League Football Hits Kickstarter

The creator of the original Mutant Football League has started a Kickstarter in order to obtain funding for a reboot game to be out on the 360, PC and mobile platforms. If you’re not familiar with MLF then just imagine a a game of football filled with monsters, weapons, and gratuitous violence. The original came…

Multiplayer starcraft rpg successfully kickstarted

Multiplayer StarCraft RPG Successfully Kickstarted

A new StarCraft based multiplayer online role-playing game titled Starcraft Universe was just successfully funded on Kickstarter. The creators utilized the editor in StarCraft II in order to create a complete game that is all its own. StarCraft has been one of the most played real time strategy games since it’s release on PC in…

Kickstarter – mighty no. 9

Kickstarter – Mighty No. 9

Kickstarter is a pretty awesome tool these days. Many incredible ideas have been released to people all over and funded by folks from across the globe. And when they come to life? Man, nothing quite beats that. But I’m not some sort of e-professor teaching you Kickstarter 101 or anything, alright? I’m here to talk…

Kickstarter – metroid: enemies within

Kickstarter – Metroid: Enemies Within

Do you know who Samus Aran is? Well, when this Kickstarter is done, you will know who she is. If you already know who Samus Aran is and think more people should know about her, then there’s a  Kickstarter you might be interested in. Kickstarter- Metroid: Enemies Within I find that today’s world is increasingly…

Tek recon kickstarter: you’re doing it wrong!

Tek Recon Kickstarter: You’re Doing It Wrong!

The first rule of Kickstarter is don’t be Zach Braff…. No, wait, that’s the unwritten first rule of Fight Club which doens’t exist and just STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! The first rule of Kickstarter is to deliver. With Tech Recon blasters hitting retail shelves, while the backers of the Tek Recon Kickstater still haven’t received…

New personal co2 filter technology for your car

New Personal CO2 Filter Technology For Your Car

The reduction of carbon dioxide from vehicles has been a goal for the entire world since the whole global warming thing became a public issue. It would certainly be better for the environment if our cars weren’t spitting out so much pollution every time we drove them around. One of the biggest issues that green…

American mcgee’s kickstarter- potion bottle reads: support me!

American McGee’s Kickstarter- Potion bottle reads: Support Me!

Dear American McGee’s Kickstarter, SHUT-UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! Thanks.  American McGee’s Kickstarter Brings Alice Back That’s what you already be screaming at your monitors if you’ve already heard that American McGee has a venture on Kickstarter, that aims to bring Alice back. If you didn’t already know, good news everybody, we get the chance…

Superman lives: up, up and away! Finally. Kind of.

Superman Lives: Up, up and away! Finally. Kind of.

Have you ever wanted to see a movie starring Nicholas Cage, set in the D.C universe, directed by Tim Burton and written by Kevin Smith? Superman Lives: Will It Happen? WELL YOU CAN’T! STOP DREAMING, YOU DREAMER! ‘SUPERMAN LIVES’ WILL NEVER COME TO FRUITION! NEVER! At least, that has been the reality for many years….

Istroll kid kickstarter campaign benefits special needs children

iStroll Kid Kickstarter Campaign Benefits Special Needs Children

Most parents will attest to the fact that they have, at one point or another, used their electronics to keep their children happy during otherwise stressful situations. Road trips, doctor’s offices, the DMV, and any other grievously boring place has been made less painful by the presence of an iPhone or iPad. This is where…

Auris bluetooth music receiver allows remote play

Auris Bluetooth Music Receiver Allows Remote Play

Free up your device while you accompany your ears Auris is one of the newest gadgets to come into fruition by way of their Kickstarter campaign. The Auris Bluetooth Adapter allows users to wirelessly play and control music from any medium that is Bluetooth enabled. The elegantly designed piece gives iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry…

Android Video Game Console Impressed Spectators

New Android powered gaming console seeks to win over users with in its arrival eSfere Entertainment, a Seattle based start-up company, has designed one of the most innovative gaming consoles in today’s market, although it is not alone. OUYA blessed gamers with its Kickstarter Campaign on July 10th, 2012 and exceeded its funding goal by…

Crowd Funding – Bringing Ideas to Life

It wasn’t too long ago when the major sources of fundraising happened through cookies and cakes, dance-a-thons, walks, and lemonade stands.  As social interactions grow and evolve, so does the need for further spanning the fundraising opportunity – sharing not only a dream, goal or plan, but awareness of a non-profit, product, or talent. This type of…