Istroll kid

iStroll Kid Kickstarter Campaign Benefits Special Needs Children

Most parents will attest to the fact that they have, at one point or another, used their electronics to keep their children happy during otherwise stressful situations. Road trips, doctor’s offices, the DMV, and any other grievously boring place has been made less painful by the presence of an iPhone or iPad. This is where the ‘iStroll Kid’ comes in.

Istroll kid

Saving Sanity and Changing Lives

No parent in their right mind wants to see their 4 year old clinging desperately to their $500 iPad while it teeters precariously on the edge of their stroller tray. The iStoll Kid is the seemingly god-sent answer to this problem. The iStroll Kid is an innovative, pivoting iPad stand that secures to the stroller frame and allows iPad play without the risk of dropping and/or running over the device. Children can safely play with their favorite app games without the sense of impending iPad doom lingering around every corner.

But what about special-needs children who truly benefit from iPad interaction? Not just as a distraction to ease the fraying nerves of parents, but as a means of communication and interaction that they might not be able to achieve in any other way? iStroll Kid manufacturers realized this need as well and scrapped their original stroller-only design. They came up with a new product that attaches to both strollers and wheelchairs, helping their product bridge the gap between luxury and necessity. One mom of a special needs child was especially appreciative of the effort:

My six year old has seizures and is non-verbal. Last year, I purchased him the iPad and for the first time, he’s been able to clearly communicate his needs and wants. I’ve been looking for an attachment for his wheelchair/stroller since he is not able to hold the iPad and use it at the same time. This looks perfect!


Now, all the iStroll developers need is cash to start production. They have started a campaign on the popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. This allows donors to pre-order the iStroll and recieve the product at a reduced rate.

Check out their campaign and let us know what you think about their product in the comments below!