Fun Statistics About Mobile Phone Users

Mobile phones are becoming extremely common today with 91.4 million smartphones in just the United States. While it’s easy to say that the majority of adults have a mobile phone, there are many other interesting statistics that can tell you more about what the average mobile user is like.

Operating System

Fun mobile stats

  • The vast majority of smartphones in use today are Androids. If you’re rocking one of these touch screen Android phones, you’re not alone.
  • A whopping 46.9% of smartphones purchased in 2011 were Androids.
  • The next largest share was held by the iPhone at 28.7%. RIM phone represented 16.6%, Microsoft phones held 5.2%, and Symbian phones came in last with just 1.6% of smart phone sales.


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  • Men represent about 53% of smartphone users while women represent 47%.
  • About 6.4% of users are between the ages of 13 and 17. Approximately 17.4% are between 18 and 24, and 27.2% are between 25 and 34.
  • From the 25 to 34 age bracket on, smart phone usage drops off gradually until you reach the 65 and older age group which represents just 3.9% of smartphone users.

Older demographics tend to stick with technology that they’re more familiar with, such as simpler mobile phones or land lines. As today’s smart phone users age, we can expect to see a growing number of seniors who rely on smartphones for daily activities. Mobile phone usage will also rise as land lines become obsolete.

Mobile Usage

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  • In 2011, a whopping 92% of smart phones were used for text messaging. About 84% were used for internet browsing and 76% were used for emails. These activities are standard rollovers that were also available on previous incarnations of mobile phones, so users are more likely to be familiar with them.
  • About 69% of smartphone users downloaded apps for their phones.
  • 59% used them to keep up with social media sites, and 48% used their phones for music or videos.
  • Android users consume the highest amount of data on their phones with an average of 582 Mbs a month, compared with just 492 Mbs from iPhone users and 317 Mbs from Microsoft users.

Global Location

Fun mobile stats

  • Though many Americans might assume that the United States has the highest percentage of smartphone users, it’s actually Singapore that holds this distinction. 54% of the population uses a smartphone here, compared to just 35% in the US.
  • Canada is ahead as well with 39% of residents using a smartphone. Hong Kong, Sweden, and Spain all have 35% smartphone usage as well. Australia and Norway are just under at 33%.

These numbers are all expected to grow in the coming years as more users move away from traditional phones and towards smartphones. Of the 5 billion worldwide mobile phone users today, just 1.08 use a smartphone.

Smartphone users have incorporated their mobile phones seamlessly into their daily lives. Most look at their phone multiple times throughout the day and use this handy piece of technology for features ranging from communications to entertainment.