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How to Manage Your Android RAM Efficiently?

The Android OS designed has a ton of capabilities. Among many of its abilities is in-built memory management mechanism that works efficiently to maintain optimal usage of mobile phones. It keeps track of all the applications running simultaneously and automatically closes the applications whenever the system faces memory shortage. However, it may not be enough for all the users as the usage parameters often differ from one user to another.

Android ram

In order to manage Android RAM more efficiently, application developers have come up with a breed of task managers and memory boosting applications. Here is more information about some of them:

Android RAM Management – Memory Booster

Memory booster
Memory Booster

One of the most renowned applications in the category of Android RAM management, Memory Booster helps in improving the device’s performance by efficient memory monitoring and reclaiming. The application’s main highlights include:

  • Efficient memory de-fragmentation.
  • Real-time memory monitoring and reporting.
  • Memory recovery from poor or bad applications.
  • Quick Boost feature to manually boost the memory.
  • Protection against system crash and so on.

Android RAM Management – AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

Autokiller memory optimizer
AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

By managing inner memory routines and processes, this application not only improves the performance of Android devices, but also lowers battery consumption. The application has a task manager that regulates the settings of Android’s in-built automatic task killer, known as Out of Memory Killer. With the help of this application, you can take control and decide which applications should be stopped and when, thereby making way for a better RAM management of your Android device.

Android RAM Management – Advanced Task Manager

Advanced task manager
Advanced Task Manager

A simple, but effective software for Android, Advanced Task Manager, helps to free phone’s memory by killing tasks and terminating applications. It works by listing all running tasks, helping the phone user to select some of them for killing in order to reclaim memory when the phone slows down. Apart from improving the speed and performance, the application also helps in boosting the optimal usage of phone battery. I personally love the user decision feature in regard to eliminating apps.

Android RAM Management – RAM Manager Pro

Ram manager pro
RAM Manager Pro

Optimize your Android’s RAM for the purpose of smooth multitasking with the help of RAM Manager Pro. The application allows fast switching between applications, while maintaining enough memory for use. Hard Gaming is one good aspect of the application which helps in keeping the RAM stable for playing different games without making the phone go slower than normal. Balance is another option that can optimize RAM for everyday usage.

I have listed the Android RAM management applications that I personally like using. If you have any other apps in mind, please feel free to share your thoughts through the comments feature below.