American McGee’s Kickstarter- Potion bottle reads: Support Me!

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Dear American McGee’s Kickstarter,



 American McGee’s Kickstarter Brings Alice Back

That’s what you already be screaming at your monitors if you’ve already heard that American McGee has a venture on Kickstarter, that aims to bring Alice back. If you didn’t already know, good news everybody, we get the chance to see American McGee’s Alice as a movie! And we never have to witness another gooey train monster of baby doll heads again. Probably.

The pitch is a simple one- Instead of having to play Alice, we just get to watch. If you like to watch, this will be something you will enjoy. If you prefer to play, then…. Well, you just get to watch.

And you remember when Alice went into Wonderland? Well, she did that and now she’s going into ‘Otherlands’ (as in lands, OTHER than Wonderland).

What they want: To secure the film rights for Alice. It seems strange that they wouldn’t already have those rights because it would be based on the video game they made.

Then, they want to have Alice travel into the ‘Otherlands’ of great thinkers of the time. The more money they raise, the more brains they explore- Jules Verne, The Ripper, Charles Darwin, Vincent Van Gough and more. It’s almost sounds like a reverse zombie flick, where the more brains that are obtained, the more clever everything becomes!

The end goal is a full length 3D Animation feature film.

Should you help start this kick?

If Madness Returns was your one way ticket to ‘Hating American McGee’,  stopping at ‘I can’t re-play another level with that goo monster’ station, then this may not be for you.

If you’re a fan of the American McGee’s Alice franchise (even after all the shrieking of gooey doll faces) then, yes. This is the Kickstarter for you. While another game would be nice to play in, a movie or series of shorts of Alice’s next set of adventures is a fitting conclusion to what has been an incredible ride, tar spewing trains and all. If you enjoy the macabre, if you want to get that chill in your bones as you gaze about a scene where even the smallest detail of creepy is attended to, then consider the project.

If there’s one thing that the American McGee’s Alice franchise has done, so far, is help twist an already pretty twisted story into something new. While I think they overreached with Madness Returns, while they weren’t as subtle as they could have been and shown they can be, it doesn’t mean the animated shorts (or potential full length feature film) won’t contain all of the good stuff.

At time of writing, they’re not even half way to their goal, with 16 days to go. So, I hope that the momentum builds for this. It would be great for this journey to reach it’s natural conclusion. As a fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass, this franchise has been one of my all time favorites (and I usually hate people covering an original classic, because if it’s not broken, don’t break it!).

And maybe it’s mad. Mad, to hope that this latest installment will be more of the first game and less of the second. Mad, to think we can relive that ‘feeling’ that came with American McGee: Alice, through watching a film rather than being in the world. Mad, to think any of this is possible.

It might be mad, but then “We’re all mad here”