Co2ube- a personal co2 filter for your car.

New Personal CO2 Filter Technology For Your Car

The reduction of carbon dioxide from vehicles has been a goal for the entire world since the whole global warming thing became a public issue. It would certainly be better for the environment if our cars weren’t spitting out so much pollution every time we drove them around. One of the biggest issues that green energy in all forms has faced is cost. It is often simply too expensive to take advantage of the latest technology to reduce your carbon footprint on the world. Ecoviate hopes to bring the carbon reduction for vehicles down into an affordable package for the everyman with their CO2ube kickstarter.

Your Personal CO2 Filter

The CO2ube is very simply, a tube that screws onto the end of your tailpipe, in order to regulate the CO2 emissions pouring out of it. It utilizes algae and sodium hydroxide filters to make sure that most of the CO2 coming out of your car never makes it into our atmosphere.

The CO2ube is being offered to backers at $45 dollars a piece. The device does need to be replaced on a regular basis though, about 5 times a year. You can get a whole years worth of filters for the price of $500. At time of writing this article, the CO2ube has sixty backers, and about $3,500 of backer money. That’s not exactly a huge portion of the $18,000 goal that the company has set. Considering there’s still 28 days left on the Kickstarter, so it’s likely to soar well above its goal.

Along with the filter, the CO2ube will come with a handy smart phone app. This will help you monitor exactly how much you’re saving the earth with every filter. It also has a tax credit currently pending approval for those who utilize the technology. That could certainly go a long way for offsetting what the average person might see as an unnecessary cost. Then again, is a $45 dollar filter that can help save the environment really something anyone should be calling unnecessary. I guess we’ll see how it fairs with its kickstarter campaign. If I had to recommend something, I’d say go get in on this, and help revolutionize bringing green technology to a personal scale.