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The offspring omnibus and chat with david whalen

The Offspring Omnibus and Chat With David Whalen

Correct Handed Comics proudly announces the digital and print publication of “The Offspring OMNIBUS“. This trade paperback collects the first thirteen issues of the comic book series, The Offspring in a convenient single volume graphic novel complete with a new cover and additional previously unreleased bonus material. Written and skillfully illustrated by the talented David…

Comics talk with jake estrada and niall o’rourke

Comics Talk with Jake Estrada and Niall O’Rourke

On May 3, 2021, co-hosts Meredith Loughran and C. Michael Lanning sat down with creators Jake Estrada and Niall O’Rourke for a little Geek Speak Comics Talk. We dive into their projects, crowdfunds, genesis story, collaborating with fellow creators, and the creepy, crazy stories that inspired their creative journey. Jake shares about The Underpresence, his…

Game rewards for steps with hero trainer

Game Rewards for Steps with Hero Trainer

January 6, 2021 – Hero Trainer is a free mobile app on iOS and Android where users can earn rewards in dozens of games on all major consoles just for collecting steps. The app counts steps and translates into AURA, the direct rewards for gamers. The ultimate goal is to encourage bigger health and lifestyle changes…

The cleansing hour – a shudder presentation

The Cleansing Hour – A Shudder Presentation

Writer and Director, Damien LeVeck delivers a story of millennial entrepreneurs who’ve made themselves famous with a webcast called “The Cleansing Hour.” They livestream exorcisms with elaborate stage sets, special effects, and actors which make the ceremony look authentic, with plenty of merchandise to sell for a side hustle but Max, portrayed by actor Ryan…

Aliyah royale on the walking dead: world beyond

Aliyah Royale on The Walking Dead: World Beyond

More About Aliyah Royale Geek Speak with Aliyah Royale Follow Aliyah on Social Media Instagram Twitter IMDb TWD: World Beyond Season 1 Comic-Con Trailer TUNE IN TO AMC Season Premiere: October 4, 2020 at 10pm ETSubscribe to The Walking Dead channel on YouTube

Eyva and the mobile edge giveaway

EYVA and the Mobile Edge Giveaway

The Mobile Edge Giveaway Geek Insider is very happy to host a giveaway to help an independent content creator and what better way than to present a little swag from one of Geek Insider’s most dedicated sponsors: Mobile Edge How to Enter Terms and Conditions for this giveaway. MOBILE EDGE PRIZE First condition is that…

Meet marc rienzo, artist, vfx supervisor and creator of bad guy nonsense

Meet Marc Rienzo, Artist, VFX Supervisor and Creator of Bad Guy Nonsense

More About Marc Rienzo Marc has a very impressive resume with 20+ years of experience as a Director, VFX Supervisor, and Artist. As mentioned earlier, his credits include work in huge films and familiar franchises out of Marvel Studios, Disney, ILM, Weta Digital, Digital Domain, Sony Imageworks, and PDI Dreamworks. Watch the Geek Insider Interview Geek…

Meet lead singer and guitarist joe hertler

Meet Lead Singer and Guitarist Joe Hertler

If you need some feel-good music in your life then we highly recommend Paper Castle, an album release by Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers. Hosts Matthew Harris and Meredith Loughran had the privilege of sitting with lead singer and guitarist Joe Hertler. Joe was very candid about his journey in music and how organically…

Geek insider: interview with detria baker – the afro cosplay

Geek Insider: Interview with Detria Baker – The Afro Cosplay

There are people who strive to make a difference in the world any way they can. That is Detria Baker. In the comic book world where black heroes and villains are still emerging, she and her husband, Terance are expanding the universe with their talent and outreach through Independent Creators Connection. While some people have…

Review of hijab | a limited tv series on amazon prime

Review of Hijab | A Limited TV Series on Amazon Prime

Hijab is the winner of multiple awards including the IndieFEST Film Awards (2019) Award of Merit Winner for TV Pilot; Independent Shorts Award (2019) Gold Award for Best Director and Best Web Series/TV Pilot, and Platinum Award for Best Actress. Knowing that Geek Insider’s Matthew and I had an interview scheduled with the Hijab creative…

A candid chat with the afro cosplay, detria baker

A Candid Chat with The Afro Cosplay, Detria Baker

There are people who strive to make a difference in the world any way they can. Detria Baker, perhaps better known as The Afro Cosplay in the Florida geek scene, often dons her afro wig and slips into her cosplay role, inspiring women of all ages and demographics to “just be you.”   In comic books,…

Sponsored video: geek insider’s bizarre interview with bill

Sponsored Video: Geek Insider’s Bizarre Interview with Bill

Lately, Geek Insider HQ has been getting a lot of strange calls. When we pick up, the person on the other line hangs up right away. We started noticing a white car following us. We thought it was a prank. Then Bill showed up at our door, early this morning, a folder of photos in…

Exclusive interview with n-logic ceo

Exclusive Interview With N-Logic CEO

Recently, I was able to sit down with an acquaintance of mine named Ian LaBrie. Since the last time I saw him, he has been hard at work on a game called Arcturus Proving Grounds, for his company N-Logic. About LaBrie GI: What kind of games do you play in your spare time? LaBrie: I’m…