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What’s more fun than a spur of the moment giveaway? NOT MUCH. If you’ve tuned into the latest episode of GEEK SPEAK with Matthew Harris and Meredith Loughran, you’ll see their special guest was the lovely, gracious, and very talented creator of EYVA Issue 1: Mainframe is Coming, Annas Eskander – and Matthew dropped a bombshell of a Mobile Edge Giveaway on us.

What is EYVA

Eyva isn’t necessarily a what but a who. This cyberpunk comic series based Eskander’s love of 80s Sci-Fi and Fantasy fiction is based around the central character, Eyva Danell.  

In the future world of the 23rd century, Annas weaves a story where individuality and privacy are rare and limited to only the governing elite. Everything you do and say, from the moment you are born, is streamed into your personal timeline and monitored by an authoritarian regime known as Mainframe. 

If the story doesn’t draw you in then perhaps the illustrations will. Timothy Green II is an American comic book artist with 15 years in the industry working with Marvel, DC Comics and Dark Horse. Some of his credits include Aeon Flux, Red Hood, and Rocket Racoon & Groot.

The Mobile Edge Giveaway

Geek Insider is very happy to host a giveaway to help an independent content creator and what better way than to present a little swag from one of Geek Insider’s most dedicated sponsors: Mobile Edge

How to Enter

Terms and Conditions for this giveaway.

Eyva, annas eskander, mobile edge, geek insider, indiegogo, giveaway
example screenshot of physical backer tier


Mobile edge backpack, geek insider, eyva, annas eskander, giveaway
Mobile Edge CORE Gaming Backpack w/Molded Panel 18″
  • First condition is that you MUST REAL ALL of the conditions of this giveaway.
  • Must support EYVA on IndieGoGo with a physical backer tier. (Lowest printed copy tier is approximately $5 USD. Shipping to US is very reasonable.)
  • Must take a screen shot of your contribution status and send it to matthew@geekinsider.com (see above example)
  • All qualified entries from July 23, 2020 to the end of the EYVA campaign will be put into a randomizer and selected during a live draw for posterity.
  • Names and/or email addresses will be through a blind draw to prevent any perception of favoritism.
  • Live draw will be simulcast through the Geek Insider and Comic Book Advocates YouTube channels on Friday, July 31, 2020 at 4 PM ET.

Watch GEEK SPEAK with Annas Eskander

Geek Speak LIVE July 23, 2020

Mobile edge, bring it on, annas eskander, eyva, geek insider, giveaway, indiegogo

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