Browser Extension. Features and advantages

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, browser extension. Features and advantages, internet

Hey everyone! Today we will talk about browser extensions. You will find out what these extensions are used for, what features and advantages they have.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, browser extension. Features and advantages, internet

Browser extension is a special mini-program allowing to add new useful gimmicks to the browser’s functionality and meet the narrowly targeted needs of the user.

This program can be embedded into the cloud software and thereby the necessary functions will be added.

Such programs can have different names – browser extensions, plug-ins, add-ons. Almost every browser supports the installation of additional functionality. The most popular are the programs for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, browser extension. Features and advantages, internet

Development of any extension is based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes and developers plan its future load. Ready-made mini-program exists as an archive or a boot file in the extension store. For example, to install a virtual private network, you can add RUSVPN extension to Chrome , configure it and use it for personal needs, that is to browse the Internet anonymously.

Purpose of extensions and their benefits

As mentioned above, the key purpose of an extension is to extend the browser functionality so that the user could make full and comfortable use of it. For example, extensions allow you to embed elements into the cloud storage, open new possibilities for SaaS. You can create your own microservice or use them as an additional and useful tool.

Based on the target needs and specificity of the work, all extensions are presented in the following forms:

  • Integrated extensions. Management programs and cloud software for CRM are becoming more popular, at that you cannot integrate with it and adapt for yourself. However, this problem may be resolved by means of extensions that can export data and organize exchange processes between systems;
  • Additional options for SaaS. This refers to  multidirectional services, for example, calendar, translator, test options, smart assistant, etc .;
  • Microservices are special applications called by clicking a button to interact with a page. Most often they are focused on reading information to simplify the process of user interaction – for example, notes, screenshots of videos, saving data with uploading to the cloud storage or for sending;
  • Tools for developers. They simplify the work when you do not need to close the browser to turn to the target options.

Pros and cons of browser extensions

Concerning the advantages, it is important to highlight the following:

  • fast access;
  • intuitive controls;
  • cross-platform and adaptation for any browser;
  • you can even integrate those objects that would seem to be unacceptable;
  • integration of its functionality into those products where there is no access to the kernel;
  • Combining systems and cloud storage into a single workspace.

Despite the usefulness and functionality of browser extensions, they are not lacking in drawbacks, the main of which are:

  • specific browser or service require a constant updating;
  • each browser needs its own adapted version of the program.

The popularization of extensions began in the western region of the planet, but it progressively covers to the whole world. Their simplicity and functionality are beyond dispute, that attracts attention and makes it necessary to start using them.

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