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We’re Addicted to Smart Air Conditioning – Here’s Why!

What’s that one thing we simply cannot live without during summer? That’s right – the heavenly air conditioning! 

But, what’s even better than air conditioning is SMART air conditioning! For a geeky reference, think of it as adding the Iceman to your summer.  

Most air conditioners come with a remote, and that’s great. Though, once this remote goes missing, you get involved in a sweaty hide and seek game – definitely not the fun kind. 

Think of having complete control of your air conditioner from anywhere and at all times, right from your phone. You don’t even have to be in the same room as your AC to control it – all that you need is WiFi. This means that you can monitor the temperature for your pet if you’re away or set a command to precool your home to arrive for a perfect game of Dungeons & Dragons in the ideal temperature. 

What Makes Smart Air Conditioning So Cool?

Smart air conditioning refers to connecting your AC with WiFi and being able to control it using your phone. The numerous features that a smart AC provides significantly add to your comfort and make it so convenient to regulate your temperature! 

The super cool features are what make smart air conditioning so amazing. While controlling your AC unit from literally anywhere is one feature, here are more to add that extra comfort we all crave.

With smart air conditioning, you can: 

  • Keep track of your room’s live temperature and humidity levels at all times.
  • Set intelligent triggers such as comfy mode to allow you to automate temperature. In simple words, you set your preferred temperature, and your AC maintains it automatically. 
  • Never forget to turn your AC off with geofencing.  You can even set your house to precool when you are only a certain distance away!
  • Set weekly schedules to enjoy cooling or heating from your AC when you need it. 
  • Monitor your AC’s usage with an activity timeline, usage history, and notifications. 
  • Keep your air conditioner maintained by being notified when it’s time for a filter change. 

In summary, with smart air conditioning, you can achieve automation and have the best indoor climate at all times. 

Making Standard Air Conditioners Smart

While there has been a lot of emphasis on smart thermostats, standard air conditioning units such as mini-split, window, or portable air conditioners often get neglected. I have these in two rooms of my apartment, and while I was a victim of standard cooling these past summers, I was recently introduced to Cielo Breez Plus! 

Cielo Breez devices are smart AC controllers, that can make any air conditioner smart (if it originally comes with an IR remote control). You can then control your AC from the Cielo Home app and forget all about your remote. 

While the app mimics the features of your AC’s remote control, it adds-on intelligent functionalities such as geofencing, scheduling, and comfy mode described above! 

So, if you’re looking for a Google Nest for your window AC or a mini-split thermostat – Cielo Breez devices have you covered. 

Why Cielo Breez Plus?

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There are other smart AC controllers out there in the market, though very limited. We were more than impressed with Cielo Breez Plus and here is why:

  • It works with an extensive range of air conditioners (basically anything that comes with an IR remote control). 
  • The feature set is extensive and simply incredible. 
  • It looks great on any wall or table, making it a perfect fit for any geek den!
  • It shows accurate room temperature and desired temperature plus humidity levels. 
  • An AC can be operated directly from the device as well as an iOS or Android phone.
  • It is extremely cost-effective. While a smart AC can cost around $1,000, Cielo Breez Plus makes any AC smart for $109.

Save Energy with Smart Air Conditioning

If your mini-split, window, or stand-alone air conditioner is taking your bills through the roof, you need to keep them in control! 

The best part about making your air conditioner smart is that you can set intelligent controls. This means that your AC will not be in use when it’s not needed, and with smart usage, you will end up saving a lot on your electricity bills. 

Cielo Breez smart AC controllers promise up to 25% energy savings, and we have literally witnessed how this works. I honestly have turned the geofencing feature on, and I don’t need to panic about having left my AC on when going out. My mini-split automatically gets switched off, and I receive a notification on my phone for my peace of mind!  

Voice Controls & Smart Home Compatibility

If you’re like me and prefer full-on connectivity for your home then there is an even bigger advantage for you with Smart AC controls! 

Smart air conditioning gives you full control of your air conditioner’s cooling or heating with your voice, along with your mobile app. You can connect any standard, dumb AC (now made smart) with Google Home, Alexa, or Siri and command it with your voice!

It is also possible to set routines and have your air conditioner set at your favorite morning temperature just by saying ‘good morning.’ 

We’re so grateful for IoT and WiFi connectivity and the power it brings to common household appliances! Bring any air conditioner to the 21st century with smart AC controllers and bask in the benefits of smart heating and cooling. Now air conditioners including mini-splits, window ACs and stand alone units can easily be made smart! 

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