Fantastic creations: an exclusive interview with wood splitter lee

Fantastic Creations: An Exclusive Interview With Wood Splitter Lee

Geek Insider recently had the unique opportunity to interview Wood-Splitter Lee, an artist who originally hails from Alaska. Why is her art so unique? She hand creates fantasy creatures like you’ve never seen before. Fire Foxes, Baby Unicorns and Moon Dust Wolves grace her Deviant Art profile page. Check out what she had to say…

Interview with gaming commentator, aaron pinsky

Interview With Gaming Commentator, Aaron Pinsky

Richard Mallory: Today I have the pleasure of speaking with an established member of the gaming community; particularly within the fighting scene. Among his credentials, he’s a tournament organizer for EVO, a commentator of Street Fighter X Tekken at Capcom Cup 2013 and Final Round 17, has been playing fighting games semi-professionally for over ten…

Kaitlyn clinkscales, indy artist: what it takes to master crafting abilities in life mode

Kaitlyn Clinkscales, Indy Artist: What It Takes To Master Crafting Abilities In Life Mode

We’ve all dreamed of it. It’s the dream you have when you’re stuck in traffic, stuck in class, stuck in a tiny room with your Inbox filling up with menial tasks. It’s the dream you let yourself have, the one you craft, where you have the magical ability to create awesome and geeky things. Indy…

Meet owl’s jason achilles mezilis, talented musician and geek extraordinaire

Meet Owl’s Jason Achilles Mezilis, Talented Musician and Geek Extraordinaire

“It’s a terrible day in California,” Jason joked about the 79 degree weather. It isn’t often you find a geek with social skills; but a geek with social skills and musical talent is even more surprising. That doesn’t begin to scratch the surface for Jason Achilles Mezilis, guitarist of the emerging band Owl. The group,…

Real life jedi: the chronicles of novastar and caine

Real Life Jedi: The Chronicles of Novastar and Caine

As I watch my computer screen intently, Novastar duels ferociously with his light saber, mere inches away from slicing through arms, torsos and jugulars. Sounds like a scene from the newest Star Wars film, doesn’t it? You wouldn’t be too far off with that assumption… [youtube] Regular Guys or Jedi in Disguise? So how…

Geek insider exclusive interview – stefan weitz, senior director of search, bing

Geek Insider Exclusive Interview – Stefan Weitz, Senior Director of Search, Bing

Geek Insider would like to thank Stefan Weitz, Senior Director of Search at Bing, for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with us. We would also like to thank Phil Butler for coordinating the interview. ***********Begin Interview Transcript*********** Geek Insider: Firstly, the versatility of the Photosynth samples I’ve seen is very impressive….