Harrison ford breaks leg: what does this mean for disney and star wars?

Harrison Ford Breaks Leg: What Does This Mean For Disney and Star Wars?

The Injury Recently, reports of Harrison Ford—the actor who famously portrays the character of Han Solo–injuring his leg on the set of the upcoming Star Wars film spread throughout the internet. Yet now these reports have escalated as it turns out that the injury is actually a lot more serious that initially credited. In fact,…

Interview with gaming commentator, aaron pinsky

Interview With Gaming Commentator, Aaron Pinsky

Richard Mallory: Today I have the pleasure of speaking with an established member of the gaming community; particularly within the fighting scene. Among his credentials, he’s a tournament organizer for EVO, a commentator of Street Fighter X Tekken at Capcom Cup 2013 and Final Round 17, has been playing fighting games semi-professionally for over ten…

Playstation now beta pricing unveiled: revisions needed

Playstation Now Beta Pricing Unveiled: Revisions Needed

Introduction Recently, Sony unveiled a rough idea—or at least we hope—of what the pricing could potentially be for their upcoming Playstation Now service. Yet before going any further, for those of you who may not be in touch or simply don’t know what Playstation Now is, allow me to explain. What Is Playstation Now? Playstation…

Nintendo wii u to have dual gamepad functionality? Not any time soon

Nintendo Wii U To Have Dual GamePad Functionality? Not Any Time Soon

Introduction Before diving into the content revolving around the headline, allow me to throw in a personal touch. When I first heard about the Wii U and it’s GamePad a few years ago, at first glance, I honestly wasn’t all that impressed. In hindsight, this was simply because I was determined to shun the system…

Review: mario kart 8 (wii u)

Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)

Gameplay Ever since the Mario Kart franchise first came out, the gameplay has always been something that has made the titles usually stand out head and shoulders among other “racing” type games. Nintendo’s most recent serving of Karting action doesn’t stray too far away from that formula…in fact, it is one of the better versions….

Gta v to be released in fall of 2014 on ps4, xbox one, and pc. No wii u?

GTA V To Be Released In Fall of 2014 On PS4, XBox One, and PC. No Wii U?

E3 Announcement and Trailer During the Sony E3 Press Conference, it was announced that Rockstar’s record shattering title, Grand Theft Auto 5, would be receiving a graphically superior port later this fall. This upgraded and remastered rendition of the game will be made available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. What’s neat about this…

Free games offered through playstation plus for the month of june 2014

Free Games Offered Through PlayStation Plus For The Month of June 2014

A new month means a new batch of games offered in PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection. Let’s check out what will be offered through PlayStation Plus for the month of June, 2014: Trine 2: Complete Story I had the pleasure of playing this simple “platformer” a few years ago on the PS3 and now, they…