The Offspring Omnibus and Chat With David Whalen

David whalen, the offspring, correct handed comics,

Correct Handed Comics proudly announces the digital and print publication of “The Offspring OMNIBUS“.

This trade paperback collects the first thirteen issues of the comic book series, The Offspring in a convenient single volume graphic novel complete with a new cover and additional previously unreleased bonus material. Written and skillfully illustrated by the talented David Whalen, it focuses on a group of three friends who one day discover they are each unexpectedly starting to develop superhuman abilities while investigating a number of young children who have recently gone missing in their area.

As our heroes start to come to terms with their strange new abilities they discover that a fiendish cult is behind the child abductions and is hell-bent on using the children as part of a demonic ceremony that will grant the leader and his followers eternal life.

But will Sara, Vince and Will be able gain enough mastery over their abilities in time to foil the cult leader’s wicked plans?

David whalen, the offspring, correct handed comics,

RAGIN’ With… David Whalen

David speaks with Meredith about the creative journey and making comic books.

On the surface The Offspring is a fast passed thrill ride, with suspense and chills for readers of all ages.

At its heart it’s about family and discovering the true nature of life and happiness. Our three protagonists: Sara, Vince and Will are all at a crossroads in their own lives. When fate brings these childhood friends back together it opens the floodgates for action, adventure, mayhem and monsters that will change the insignificant community they live in forever. But when they find out there is more at risk than just their own lives, a conflict of universal proportions unfolds and lands right in the middle of their safe small town home. Crossing genres, folklore and even the timeline, The Offspring has something for everyone.


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David whalen, the offspring, correct handed comics,
David whalen, the offspring, correct handed comics,
David whalen, the offspring, correct handed comics,

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