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Indie Cron and Indie Volt Announce A Strategic Partnership

TROY, MI – Indie Volt Media, LLC ( has signed a definitive agreement for the affiliation of IndieCron (, a leading global provider of crowdfunding measurement solutions and records. The partnership expands Indie Volt’s platform which includes IndieVolt Radio, a radio app on Google play and Streema, and Indie Volt TV an OTT streaming network available on Roku, into new end markets and adjacent technologies.

“We are excited to bring IndieCron into the Indie Volt Media family. It will bring exciting new capabilities and expertise to our platform,” said Varian Grant, Indie Volt founder and CEO. “IndieCron’s user-centric business model, recording technology and end markets make it a very Indie Volt-like business. This acquisition is yet further progress on our strategy to achieve top-tier growth. We look forward to applying the IndieCron framework and investing in the platform so we can maximize and create greater opportunities not just within Indie Volt but also for the users of the platform and those wishing to integrate some of its features into their sites and other technologies.”

“Bringing IndieCron into the Indie Volt Media family just made sense.” said PixelTraitor, IndieCron founder and developer. “It’s an exciting time to be an independent comic book creator and reader as crowdfunding and digital platforms rapidly grow. I look forward to harnessing our combined capabilities as we continue our core mission of connecting creators and their audiences.”

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