How to add music to instagram notes

How to Add Music to Instagram Notes

Want to know how to download Spotify songs for free? Learn more about different methods to convert Spotify songs to MP3 and other formats without any charges.

Atlanta s2e7 recap: do it for the fake love

Atlanta S2E7 Recap: Do It for the Fake Love

Atlanta S2E7:  “Champagne Papi” The episode starts with Van’s friend Candice (Adriyan Rae) hosting an Instagram live feed as she promotes products and poses for the camera. Candice brings Van into frame, who consequently glares at the smartphone. Van is preparing to go out for the night with her friends. Tammi (Danielle Deadwyler) does lines…

New instagram feature raises mental health awareness

New Instagram Feature Raises Mental Health Awareness

With over 500 million active users monthly, Instagram continues to be one of the largest photo sharing platforms worldwide. Given their strong social media presence, the influential app has developed a new feature designed to help users struggling with mental health–because, let’s face it, not everything can be smoothed out with a Valencia filter. According…

Instagram changes algorithm and the internet goes bonkers

Instagram Changes Algorithm and the Internet Goes Bonkers

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you may have noticed that your feed isn’t in reverse chronological order anymore. You’ll find posts from 43 minutes ago at the top and posts from 5 minutes ago down below and wonder what is going on and why. There’s a few changes going on. Instagram is bringing a…

Top 5 most popular apps

Top 5 Most Popular Apps

There are millions of apps available in the app store that are easily downloaded right to your iPhone or iPad. Every day new ones are created in the hope of making it to the top-of-the-apps charts. A few have made it but even fewer have managed to stay in the top spot. 1. Facebook is…

How to get more followers on instagram

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Last week, my Instagram followers dropped from 143 to 122. You might ask, ‘What the heck did you do?’ I was at a loss. What have I done?  Did I post an inappropriate picture that might have offended my followers? Did I mistype a word while commenting? Did I accidentally dislike a photo? Hang on, Instagram…

How to lose followers on instagram

How to Lose Followers on Instagram

We’ve become a culture that’s obsessed with data. We mine for it on the internet and add Google analytics codes to our personal blogs. We want to know if that post about our terrible day at work garnered any attention. Better yet, we need to know because we can. This habit also extends to most…

Now introducing instagram direct

Now Introducing Instagram Direct

Now introducing a new way of communicating, drum roll please … Instagram Direct! Last Thursday, Kevin Systrom, founder of Instagram, announced the launch of Instagram Direct at a press event in New York. In his press release, Systrom stressed communication and sharing special moments with people you care about. Instagram Direct “Instagram Direct is a…

Nokia world 2013: news roundup

Nokia World 2013: News Roundup

Nokia had some major announcements to make at the Nokia World event held in Abu Dhabi recently. Apart from a number of big-screen devices, there was also news on Instagram for Windows Phones. Let’s have a quick recap: Nokia World 2013 The Lumia Tablet Nokia’s long rumored Lumia tablet finally became official in Abu Dhabi….

Instagram Now Has Video

Facebook’s baby, the photo-sharing application Instagram, now lets you upload video as well. Clearly launched to compete with Vine, the big daddy of video-sharing, video on Instagram is now available on both iOS and Android. Users can now share 15-second video clips, called an ‘Instavid’, with potential for modification with 13 filters, and a new…

Coming soon: htc myth – an official facebook phone?

Coming Soon: HTC Myth – An Official Facebook Phone?

Facebook disappointed phone enthusiasts when it launched its Graph Search in January 2013. People had been hoping Facebook might enter the smartphone arena with a Facebook Phone – but instead only got a semantic search tool. Nevertheless, the Facebook Phone rumors are back – and this time with some reliable confirmation too. HTC and Facebook…

Instagram is coming to life! The socialmatic polaroid camera

Instagram is Coming to Life! The Socialmatic Polaroid Camera

The Polaroid camera plus Instagram, how much cooler can you get? The Socialmatic Polaroid camera is the hottest product at the moment Instagram and photo editing apps are very popular on the app store at the moment. There are a number of photo apps on the app store but Instagram continues to be the most…

Instagram Has Lost Its Mojo

Instagram was once the first and only app that came to mind when you thought about photo editing on your smartphone, the times are changing. Instagram used to be an exclusive place for smartphone users to create gorgeous photos to share with their friends; it’s no longer the same. Instagram has undergone some big changes…

Twitter kicks back: updates to mobile app are oddly familiar

Twitter Kicks Back: Updates to Mobile App are Oddly Familiar

Twitter Responds to Instagram with this… Twitter has officially updated its mobile apps bringing some cool new features to the Android. The new features include, editing your photos and eight new filters you will find very familiar. Twitter has also enhanced the photo support for its app, which will let users edit and crop their…