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How to Lose Followers on Instagram

We’ve become a culture that’s obsessed with data. We mine for it on the internet and add Google analytics codes to our personal blogs. We want to know if that post about our terrible day at work garnered any attention. Better yet, we need to know because we can. This habit also extends to most of our favorite social media networks, including Instagram.

How To Diminish Your Following On Instagram

Apps like InstaFollow make it easy to see any new followers we’ve gained or who we mutually follow. Worse, apps like these make it easy to see the followers that we’ve lost. For some reason, losing followers hurts worse than seeing that your 5th grade crush had finally moved on and married his high school sweetheart. It can leave you wondering why they didn’t find your account as fascinating as you do. In fact, you might even unfollow them back in some justified game of retaliation. Before you go through all of the hassle, here are two very real reasons your followers unfollowed you.

Did you just get home from your fabulous vacation and decided to post ALL of your vacation photos to Instagram at once? Posting too much causes followers to unfollow your account. Take it from their perspective. They’re cruising down their dashboard, and 45 of your vacation photos are all they see. It feels reminiscent of spam email that just doesn’t stop. A quick way to fix this is to pick the very best photos that you want to share and to post them a few at a time. Followers might actually enjoy seeing your vacation photos, just not a billion of them at once.

Another common reason that an Instagram account will lose followers is because that account posts on too many subjects. For instance, if you posted tons of fun photos of the month you went vegan, you may just get a lot of vegan followers. Post a picture of that juicy cheeseburger, however, and all of those vegan followers are going to unfollow you fast. This goes for lots of other topics as well. Nature lovers may not enjoy selfies from your cubicle. Childless followers may not want to be bombarded with photos of your kid.

This isn’t all bad news, however. Your real friends, like the ones you know “In Real Life” don’t care about any of these things. They’ll follow your Instagram feed even if it’s full of food, sports, kids or whatever. They just want to see real aspects of your life.