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Always Have a Backup Phone Charger With ChargeCard By Nomad

It’s that dreaded time once again. Your phone either rings or vibrates, letting you know that the battery is low. This isn’t supposed to be such a big deal; you just grab your charger and plug it in while you patiently wait for it to juice back up. But that’s just the thing: The only time you can’t find something is when you desperately need it. During this crucial time, the pesky little cord is hiding in the most random part of your house or has been taken by the hands of a scavenging roommate. Perhaps you are out of the house when the phone has reached its dying state. Regardless of what the circumstances are, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to always have a back up charger wherever you go?

ChargeCard by Nomad

Think about the daily morning routine that some call the “3-tap” or “triple tap”. You tap your pockets, checking for your phone, wallet and keys. Notice that phone charger does not fall in that list. Now, with the ChargeCard by Nomad, your phone charger is guaranteed to be included into that routine. With the dimensions of 3.2 x 2 inches and a width of only a tenth of an inch, this handy little gadget can snugly fit into the credit card slot of your wallet.

At one end of the ChargeCard is a port that plugs directly into your phone. Then, in the center, is the output that can be bent out of place and plugged into a standard USB port. And there you have it. You are then free to use it to charge and/or sync your phone.

The ChargeCard is available for a variety of different phones. IPhone 4/4S users can purchase theirs here. Those of you with the iPhone 5/5S/5c can get one here. And finally, those with phones that use Micro USB, like Androids, can purchase one here.