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5 Reasons Hobbits Are Awesome

Life is hard. Ask anyone you come across today, and you’ll receive the same response. Life is hard, stressful and simply scary. We all imagine an easier time of it, whether that’s a life in a mansion or a better paying job. But maybe the most relaxed lifestyle doesn’t exist in our world. More like it was born from someone’s imagination. Tolkien, to be more specific.

The life of a Hobbit is truly enviable. What we read in Tolkien’s books and what we see in the films on screen just goes to show that Hobbits truly live the sweet life.

Location, Location, Location

The hobbit

There is a reason why fresh air and blue sky are at the top of everyone’s vacation wish-list. Even for geeks like me who prefer time indoors with A/C and electronics, a good few days in the great outdoors is healthy and enjoyable. The Shire, as seen in Peter Jackson’s movies, is just the right spot. Green as far as the eye can see along with cutesy little ponds plenty of pathways for walking hiking.

Just from looks one can tell that the air must smell sweet and fresh. With all Hobbit inhabited land around it, Hobbiton is little work and mostly play.


People Who Need People

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 5 reasons hobbits are awesome, comics, entertainment

Hobbits are a quiet folk, and would much rather spend an easy night alone or with a few friends than out on the town. Just look at the way they “party”. A group meets at The Green Dragon for a few pints and some good conversation. The best way to spend a night drinking involves a loaf of bread and long talks about fireworks and chess.

There is a fine parallel when you look at the social life of a hobbit and compare it to that of our own. There is gossip and drama of course, but just imagine the scale. Oh, Bilbo Baggins is such a strange man, let’s giggle as he walks away and give him the stink eye every once and a while. Although they do indeed enjoy solitude, there is a social aspect to the life of a hobbit that cannot be denied.


Tasty Treats

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 5 reasons hobbits are awesome, comics, entertainment

Oh man, the diet of a Hobbit is definitely one to be admired. Meats, cheeses, breads and sweets fill up pantries all over The Shire. Seed cakes, buttered scones, raspberry jam, mince pies, roasted chicken, biscuits of all kinds, salad, pickles, ham, treacle cakes and apple tarts all made their way into Bilbo’s dining room as mentioned in The Hobbit.

Along with such drool-worthy treats come the tasty beverages. Specifically a brew named Barliman’s Best can be found in places like the Green Dragon as well as the nearby Prancing Pony. If ale isn’t your style, you are in luck as wine and ciders are also held in high regard.


Best Foot Forward

Hobbits are famous for their large, hairy, rough feet. Compared to most of ours, they may be a little strange. I don’t often find myself performing hard labor or hiking mountain trails, so my dainty appendages are don’t see much of the world. But our hobbit friends do everything with their best foot forward. Without footwear, their feet build up their already thick skin. Shoes can be fun, sure, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to never have to worry about them again? Footwear dies out and can be pricey to replace. This way everyone is the same, and you never have to shell out $150 for a pair of running shoes ever again.

Finally, the most marvelous reason to wish you were a Hobbit is simply because they belong in an alternate universe where magic exists and adventure prevails. But alas, we must now return to our ever-exciting lives filled with nine hour work days and draining smart phone batteries. Next time you have a few hours to kill, why transport yourself to the world of Middle Earth and pretend for a while. The films are over three hours long, anyway.