How to Get More Followers on Instagram

How to get more followers on instagram

Last week, my Instagram followers dropped from 143 to 122. You might ask, ‘What the heck did you do?’ I was at a loss. What have I done?  Did I post an inappropriate picture that might have offended my followers? Did I mistype a word while commenting? Did I accidentally dislike a photo? Hang on, Instagram doesn’t have a dislike button!

Twenty one followers on Instagram in a span of seven days is a lot. I wanted to see who my unfollowers are so I popped by Unfollowgram. Dear reader, if you’re a self-obsessed person like I am, I suggest bookmarking this site. It’s one of the best inventions available on the internet which allows users to check who unfollowed you on Instagram.

I couldn’t find what I was looking for. So this tells me one thing: these 21 followers are Instagram spam bots. And boy, am I’m glad to be rid of! This also means that I’m back to square one. So I did a little experiment and found out that there are some methods to not lose Instagram followers. The following tips might sound daunting but hey, you gotta start from small, right?


First Up, Post Frequently to Gain Followers on Instagram

The more you post, the more likely you’ll get noticed by Instagrammers around the world. Besides, no one likes following a user who only posts bi-weekly. If you want to be popular on Instagram but you can’t get into it, then you’ve got a problem.


Practice Makes Perfect

It doesn’t even matter if you have zero photography skills. There are so many free eBooks and tutorials for you to take advantage of. Amateur photographers, if you would like to start from scratch, I highly recommend WordPress’ eBook: Photography 101. Or, use photo editing apps, which will be revealed in a bit!


Likes and Comments, Plus One Must-Read Tip

Most of us tend to favor comments over likes because it’s part of our human nature. To have people stopping by to leave a comment means a great deal to a lesser known Iger (a.k.a. Instagrammer.) A friendly tip: don’t leave lame ass comments like ‘nice picture’, ‘good pic’ etc. It’s highly annoying, not to mention redundant. Make it count and be sincere. Be creative and respectful.

Personally, I do them both. If a user likes one of my pics, I head over to their page and return the favor. Try not to comment on popular pictures on the Explore tab as it’s bound to drown in the discussion board.


Include Hashtags, But Not Too Many

But, don’t overdo it, as mass hashtags can be off-putting. Before uploading your photo on Instagram, ask yourself this question: Does this hashtag have anything to do with my photograph? Some popular hashtags guaranteed to get you noticed: #likeforlike #followme #tagsforlike and #followforfollow #bestpicoftheday and #tbt


Report the Spam Bots!

There are many fake users on Instagram which never fails to spoil one’s mood. Luckily, these barf bags are very easy to spot. If the account is filled with numerous adverts like ‘Get 1000 Followers for Free’, dollars to donuts it’s an Instagram bot. Have zero tolerance for fake accounts? Don’t be afraid to report them.


Familiarize Yourself with Photo Editing Apps

The camera function and filters on Instagram are just not good enough (I still love you, Instagram), so this could be the reason why so many people are switching to other photo editing apps such as VSCO Cam and Snapseed. In my previous posts, I wrote about why these two are unarguably the best photo editing apps on the market and why everyone should leverage it. If you’re already using them, be sure to input #vscophile #vscocam and #snapseed in the block of space on Instagram!


Do you have a secret formula in getting more followers on Instagram?