‘how to get away with murder’ shows us how devastating guilt can be

‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Shows Us How Devastating Guilt Can Be

At the risk of overstating the obvious, HTGAWM is all about how to cover your tracks when you’ve committed a crime. It’s right there in the title. Almost everyone on the show has done one or more horrible things over the years, but between Annalise’s epic legal skills, incompetent law enforcement, blatant dishonesty, and sheer…

On ‘how to get away with murder,’ nice guys really do finish last

On ‘How to Get Away with Murder,’ Nice Guys Really Do Finish Last

How to Get Away with Murder Season 5, Episode 4: “It’s Her Kid” This week, HTGAWM continues to explore basic ethical questions that apply, not just to the legal profession, but to everyday life. I have no doubt there are law professors that have made this show required viewing for their students as an example…