Exclusive interview with peter simeti, creator of ‘the chair’

Exclusive Interview with Peter Simeti, Creator of ‘The Chair’

Put an innocent man in death row, pair him up with a psychotic and sadistic Warden, add in torture, murder, gruesome brutality, and what do you get? The plot for The Chair. A cult graphic novel from 2006, The Chair is equal parts horror and psychological thriller and is now in the process of making it to the big…

Stephen king’s new novel isn’t horror…so what will it be?

Stephen King’s New Novel Isn’t Horror…So What Will It Be?

Apparently, the next great Stephen King masterpiece is not going to be a horrific novel. Meaning, of course, that it falls into the crime/thriller genre, instead of under the horror/fantasy label under which most of his works are found. This new novel, Mr. Mercedes, pursues the story of a serial killer that targets the unemployed….

Weekly horror review: home

Weekly Horror Review: Home

He’s awakened in a filthy, empty house – one that looks as though it hasn’t been lived in for quite some time. He picks up a nearby flashlight, and is shortly afterwards sickened to realize that he’s sharing the house with a corpse. Suddenly, a frantic thought stabs its way into his mind: where is Rachel?…

“agents of shield,” sleepy hollow” and the supernatural police procedural

“Agents of SHIELD,” Sleepy Hollow” and the Supernatural Police Procedural

The talk with television these days has been with cable shows. From the Emmy red carpet to the trending topics on Twitter, the buzz follows “Breaking Bad,” “Game of Thrones,” and “The Walking Dead” among others. It makes sense. These shows are able to push boundaries in ways that those on network TV cannot. But…