Sgdq: kicking off summer

SGDQ: Kicking Off Summer

Summer is coming. It doesn’t really have the same dramatic effect, does it? Oh, well. Although, technically speaking, summer is already here. The sun is hot, the sand is warm, the scent of barbeque drifts through the air, and nature is calling for us to journey outside. It’s a beautiful time. To play video games….

Loot crate june 2014: the ultimate geek & gamer subscription unboxing

Loot Crate June 2014: The Ultimate Geek & Gamer Subscription Unboxing

And the awesome themes just keep coming! This month’s monthly subscription Loot Crate theme is ‘Transform’. With the announcement of this new theme, a lot of speculation was swirling around social media debating on what Loot Crate’s upcoming theme could mean, prior to the box shipping out. Now that we have it in hand, we…

Gaming on a budget

Gaming on a Budget

Looking back, being a kid gamer was pretty sweet. Often times (with enough begging) you parents probably bought you a new game once in a while or as a gift. If not, allowance and extra pocket money could be put toward a trip to the Gamestop in the mall to buy one. When you weren’t…

Are video games art?

Are Video Games Art?

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings, the statue of David – all of these are considered art. Wonderful works of art, to be more precise. Stories, scripts, films, compositions/songs, paintings, architectures, and more are commonly considered art. But technically, so is graffiti and that finger painting of a turkey you made in kindergarten. So for the…

The empire strikes again: youtube buys twitch. Tv

The Empire Strikes Again: YouTube buys

The following is an announcement from the YouTube imperial forces. Attention! Loyal subscribers, We understand that there may be some concern over our recent purchase of We are here to assuage those concerns. Many of our users enjoy streaming videos on Twitch, and we have no intention of stopping them. Everything will proceed normally,…

Win it! Scuf one xbox one controller giveaway, courtesy of scuf gaming

Win It! SCUF One XBOX ONE Controller Giveaway, Courtesy of SCUF Gaming

Win It! – SCUF One XBOX One Controller – Courtesy of SCUF Gaming Enter for a chance to win one  SCUF One XBOX One Controller, courtesy of our friends at SCUF Gaming. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter and win! a Rafflecopter giveaway OFFICIAL RULES Geek Insider reserves the right to substitute similar prizes…

Imagining android on apple phones and other fun computational combinations

Imagining Android on Apple Phones and Other Fun Computational Combinations

Apple co-founder and all-round influential figure Steve Wozniak recently—in all his open-minded glory—told Wired that he sees merit in Apple producing Android-powered handsets as a secondary endeavor so as to compete in even more markets. It’s an interesting notion. In the idea-centric world of technology, it can seem like the determination to carve out a…

Aderyn’s cradle set to bring visceral combat to a dense fantasy realm

Aderyn’s Cradle Set to Bring Visceral Combat to a Dense Fantasy Realm

By way of introduction to Aderyn’s Cradle, an adventure game in development by Mojo Game Studios, I’d like to talk a little about a couple of other games, one you may have missed and one you’ll definitely recognize. Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, though well-received for the most part, didn’t make a huge impact…

Tales of an average online gamer 4: armchair management

Tales of an Average Online Gamer 4: Armchair Management

I’ve spoken at length on here before of the traditional forms of multiplayer online gaming, but what if you’re more armchair general than infantry leader? Because there’s one area of online gaming I have been tangentially involved with for a few years now, and that’s sports management. Blackout Rugby is a freemium rugby management game,…