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Das Keyboard Gaming Sling Review

For years, we’ve seen a wide array of bags and cases designed especially for console gamers to transport their consoles and gear. While consoles are more portable and are taken from place to place more often than a PC and its accessories, there has never been a really high quality way for PC gamers to transport their gear (think keyboards, headsets, mice, cables, etc…). Until now, that is. The folks over at Das Keyboard have created a specialized case designed specifically for PC gamers. Forget what you’ve seen in the past in the way of gaming bags and transport, though. The new Das Keyboard Gaming Sling is sleek, sexy, and padded in all the right places. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is built in such a way that transporting various gaming peripherals goes from being a hassle to being insanely easy.


Das Keyboard Gaming Sling Review


  • Dimensions: 4″ x 27″ x 9.5″
  • Weight: 3lbs 4oz
  • Dedicated, internally-padded compartments for keyboard, mouse, and headset
  • 360-degree external padding for added drop protection
  • Constructed from rugged, hard-wearing materials such as: 1680d ballistic nylon, waterproof polyurethane, ripstop lining, YKK zipper pulls and sliders, and ultra-strong acetal plastic hardware
  • Adjustable, heavy-duty 2″ nylon seat belt webbing
  • Aeromesh-padded back cushion
  • Protective sleeves for CDs and DVDs
  • Pockets for LAN cables, flash drives, charging cables


Incredible Aesthetics, Great Protection

As a reviewer of many products, I know that a lot of emphasis is placed on whether or not a product actually does what the manufacturer says its going to do. To me, however, if the product functions fantastically but looks hideous, there is still a problem (especially if I am wearing said product on my body). That said, one of my biggest problems with the gaming industry as a whole is that many of the products that are manufactured for the industry are made to appeal to males aged somewhere between 18 and 28. While I do not necessarily have a problem with florescent colors and massive logos, I am in the minority (late 20’s female) when it comes to my preferences regarding gaming gear and I know I am not the only one. As a professional, I was very happy to see that Das Keyboard took aesthetics into consideration when they designed and manufactured their new gaming sling. It’s solid black outer shell, with a small Das Keyboard logo and pop of their signature red color, makes the gaming sling significantly more versatile that, say, a slime-green backpack. I felt just as comfortable wearing the gaming sling in my work clothes as I did in a t-shirt and jeans. Because of it’s sleek, sexy design, the Das Keyboard gaming sling can easily go from the office, to a tournament or a friend’s house.

Aesthetics aside, it was very important to me that I find out whether or not the gaming sling really protects the gear inside. As someone who owns quite a few high-end pieces of gaming equipment, I know what it feels like to be a little…overprotective. I used the gaming sling to transport the following: Razer Naga gaming mouse, Astro A50 wireless headset, and a Steel Series Apex gaming keyboard. After placing the gear into the gaming sling and securing the keyboard with the Velcro strap provided, I zippered the sling and prepared to make the trek to a friend’s house. The idea of tossing my prized possessions around in a product I had never used before made me a little nervous, but hey, it’s for the good of the review, right? Right?!

I made a point to be slightly careless with the gaming sling. I sat it down on a damp sidewalk, tossed it into the backseat of my car, and smacked it pretty hard into a light pole (okay, that was actually an accident). After simulating everyday wear and tear, I took all the gear out and plugged everything back in. Everything functioned perfectly and I was genuinely surprised at the convenience of having a bag specifically for transporting PC gaming peripherals. While it is not something that makes you think “Hey, I really need one of those”, it is actually a great product to have on hand, should you need to transport your gear. Of course, if you game professionally, the Das Keyboard gaming sling is a necessity that you will wonder how you got along without

Bottom Line

So, what’s the bottom line here? If you are looking for a gorgeous way to transport your gaming gear, the Das Keyboard gaming sling is for you. You probably already know that, if you are carting your gear back and forth often, that a way to do it safely is a must. After all, a nice gaming keyboard, mouse, or headset is an investment that your bank account probably didn’t take lightly. Protecting that investment is the smart thing to do. If you happen to own a modular keyboard, such as a MadCatz S.T.R.I.K.E 7, you’ll want to be careful to make sure that your equipment is able to be accommodated by this sling before purchasing. It seems to fit most standard size keyboards, though, even with a built in wrist rest like the Apex.

In all, I would recommend the Gaming Sling by Das Keyboard to anyone who makes a habit of moving their gaming gear from their desk. It is well-built and will effortlessly protect your investment, all while looking unobtrusive, slim, and sexy. While the price point ($119.00) may seem a little high for those who only move their gear every now and then, if you are an avid gamer, the peace of mind is more than worth it.