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Geek Dates That Will Impress the Geek of Your Dreams

Obviously, if you’re reading this, you are one of two things: one half of a geek couple looking to spice up your usual hum drum geeky Friday night routine OR you are trying to woo a certain special geek with hopes of settling into a usual hum drum geeky Friday night routine. Here are a few ideas to impress a new date, or relight the spark with your old date.

Geek date

Movie Marathon

You know your dream geek’s favorite movies and TV shows. You guys talk about them all the time, reminiscing past episodes: the shocks, scandals, surprises. Head over to your local library and check out the whole series (or however far you can get with what’s currently been released), for FREE! Most libraries allow seven days for any DVD that’s no longer “new.” If your branch doesn’t have all the discs in stock, you can plan ahead and reserve them, so the night of the big date you can stroll in and pick up everything you need. To really get in theme, bring lots of microwave popcorn and some of those “theater size” candies (Walmart usually has them for under a buck) in your sweetie’s favorite flavors. If you’ve had time to plan and are really striving to impress, you could order some of those giant cardboard cutouts of key characters and scatter them around the room so you two can feel right in the middle of the action, though these can get quite pricey and can often be hard to find.

Intergalactic Planetarium

Most college campuses these days have some type of planetarium or observatory. Call around and see if they offer open viewing (I haven’t yet found any that are not open to the public but the viewing times are sometimes kind of inconvenient). Before you go, print out a star map, or jot down a few key constellations you two can take turns looking for. If you’re not near a big city, you might get lucky and see a shooting star! If you really have time to plan this one, you can look up to see what meteor showers are happening near you and the best times to view them. Some planetariums also offer events, such as concerts or special shows about the visible constellations or planets.

Window Shop Like a Geek

This sounds silly at first, but you would be surprised at how much time you can pass at the mall without actually spending any money. Try to pick a big mall, one with many geek chic shopping options. The Lego Store is always a hit. Not only can you guys drool over the way too expensive sets, but you can see all sorts of other creations in the display cases, PLUS you can build as long as you want with all the loose Legos. Some of the more modern stores have computers where you can pull up how-to guides to build whatever you want. The Apple Store is also a great place to go for hours of amusement. Test out the new gadgets, surf the web, play with the latest apps. Some of the best are those that take your photograph and distort it. Try not to laugh toooo hard or the attendants will come over to “help” you! More fun can be had walking through Hot Topic or Spencer’s, where even the geekiest of ideas are cool and hip.

Video Game Release

You should probably already be dating, or at least seriously talking to, and hanging out with, the geek of your choice before taking them on this date. And get your minds out of the gutter, I’m not talking about any hanky-panky or funny business (but if you properly impress you might get lucky!); the idea here is a secluded type of private escape. Anyway, the first step is to rent a somewhat fancy hotel room and plan on ordering room service for dinner, and dessert. If you really feel like getting fancy, bring a bottle of wine and some glasses. This must be timed according to the release of whatever video game you and your hunny are eagerly anticipating. Of course you’ve already pre-ordered said game, and both of you can barely wait until the date arrives to rip open the package and play all night. What better place to play than in a giant king-size bed wearing plush robes and being served chocolate covered strawberries or pan-seared steak from a rolling dolly? Bring your console, controllers, any accessories you might have also pre-ordered (strategy books, notes, etc) and, obviously, the new game. You two can play the game together for the first time in luxury, not having to worry about running out of snacks (most room service runs until the wee hours of the night), or cleaning up the mess (that’s what the housekeeping staff is for!)

There’s my list! What’s the best Geek Date you’ve been on?