Facial recognition technology used to estimate life expectancy

Facial Recognition Technology Used To Estimate Life Expectancy

Fortune-telling is a strange, mystical art. In movies, it’s usually dark and deals with an oncoming tragedy or struggle or tragic struggle. The tarot cards, crystal balls, and incense candles render the profession pseudo-scientific (except for those darned prophecies. Those always seem to come true). My friend even once got a fortune cookie that told…

Space travel: the ixs enterprise enters light speed

Space Travel: The IXS Enterprise Enters Light Speed

One small step for man, one giant leap into hyperspace for space travel! Behold, The Future of Flight! A couple of years ago, Harold White, NASA engineer and physicist, revealed that he had plans to work on a groundbreaking scientific idea right out of “Star Trek,” “Star Wars,” and just about every other star-related science…

‘let’s play’: the game-viewing phenomenon’s rising popularity

‘Let’s Play’: The Game-Viewing Phenomenon’s Rising Popularity

Let’s play! Play? No, I’m not misquoting Mario. I’m referring to the widespread internet phenomenon known as Let’s Plays. Prominently based on YouTube (though, as the famous Twitch plays Pokémon, demonstrated, YouTube is not their exclusive residence), Let’s Plays center around an audience watching a gamer play through a game. GAMECEPTION!   So What? A…

Sgdq: kicking off summer

SGDQ: Kicking Off Summer

Summer is coming. It doesn’t really have the same dramatic effect, does it? Oh, well. Although, technically speaking, summer is already here. The sun is hot, the sand is warm, the scent of barbeque drifts through the air, and nature is calling for us to journey outside. It’s a beautiful time. To play video games….

Google doodles: a brief history

Google Doodles: A Brief History

Oh, Google. You’ve managed to turn your very name into a verb. That’s no small feat. I’ve never heard anyone say they should ‘Bing’ something. Companies like you and Facebook (which turned ‘friend’ into a verb) are literally revolutionizing the English language. And you’re just so much fun to look at! Google Doodles As just…

The technology of sleep

The Technology of Sleep

In the Digital Age, our every waking moment is spent with technology, from that BEEP BEEP of the alarm clock in the morning to the clicking of computer keys at work (at least until it’s all done via touchscreen) to those TV dinners at night. But what if it wasn’t just our waking moments, but…

Phonejoy: a bluetooth game controller for android and ios

PhoneJoy: A Bluetooth Game Controller For Android And iOS

Our phones bring us so much joy, don’t they? Texting, taking photos, searching the Internet, setting the ringtones from your parents to the Jaws theme music—really, what can’t they do? You can even play games on phones! Well, not rotary phones, and, not console games, generally, as we get stuck with those buggy touchscreen games,…