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PhoneJoy: A Bluetooth Game Controller For Android And iOS

by Ben Koses

Our phones bring us so much joy, don’t they? Texting, taking photos, searching the Internet, setting the ringtones from your parents to the Jaws theme music—really, what can’t they do? You can even play games on phones! Well, not rotary phones, and, not console games, generally, as we get stuck with those buggy touchscreen games, but—wait, hang on. I’m getting a text. What? Phones can be gaming consoles now?

Meet PhoneJoy

Recently introduced, Phonejoy is a new Bluetooth game controller for Android and iOS devices. PhoneJoy’s goal is, in a nutshell, to turn your phone into a console. It comes with two analog sticks, a d-pad, four action buttons, four shoulder buttons (trigger for you action gamers), and a start and back button. Aesthetically pleasing, a compact design, and efficient to use—all for your smartphone.

These are stationed along either side of your phone, and a spring mechanism activates to secure it in place. The device doesn’t even need to have physical contact with the phone, allowing it to serve as a wireless controller. It also works well with an Android tablet or an iPad. Not only is the PhoneJoy versatile, but, when closed, it fits perfectly into your hand. Handy, huh? (ba-dum tis).

As a comparison, when holding the smartphone in landscape mode, it bears a strong resemblance to the Atari Lynx.

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About the PhoneJoy

The PhoneJoy controller uses the standard Bluetooth settings already in your smartphone and can be paired with the PhoneJoy app or regular Bluetooth settings. Once paired, you can still operate the touchscreen as normal, but when playing a game, the device functions as a mobile console, sending the correct commands to the apps.

There are currently approximately 400 games on iOS and Android available for download that support the PhoneJoy controller, although, naturally, there are more to come. Many of these are free, and there is a large variety of games offered, from Sonic the Hedgehog to Shadowgun.

As a note to us avid phone-users, it is not recommended that you charge the device while in use. It only takes about an hour to fully charge, though, so the rest of the day is game day!

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, phonejoy: a bluetooth game controller for android and ios, news


The Gadget Show declared the PhoneJoy to be “intelligently designed, comfortable to use, easy to set up, and eminently portable” – in short, one of the best Android pads they’ve seen thus far, and Android Headlines has reported the PhoneJoy to be “hands down the best Bluetooth gamepad” they’ve used.


Now, the PhoneJoy is still relatively new. It might not be for everyone. But as developers increase the complexity and features their games can offer, turning your phone into a mobile gaming console appears to be a much more attractive prospect.

PhoneJoy is available for purchase for $70, with the advanced package costing $80 and the pro-gamer one coming in at $90. As far as new gaming consoles go, that’s not too bad (just remember the PS3 when it came out and Xbox One recently altering its price). That’s hardly a bad bargain for something that brings so much joy.

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