All good things must end, even ‘umbrella academy’ season 1

All Good Things Must End, Even ‘Umbrella Academy’ Season 1

Not enough space, dear friends, and if there were not nearly enough time, even if I could do little chronology hops like my beloved number Five. The finale of The Umbrella Academy and any potential summation of season one as a whole, would require infinite monkeys at infinite type writers, and I am but one…

The penultimate episode of ‘the umbrella academy’: let’s talk about revenge and klaus. Always klaus.

The Penultimate Episode of ‘The Umbrella Academy’: Let’s Talk About Revenge and Klaus. Always Klaus.

A curious consequence of re-watching The Umbrella Academy is watching it through the lens of knowing the end game and where it is going. If, like yours truly, you know the source material, it’s like watching it through bifocals, rose-colored to boot. There was never any mystery, but getting there was a blast. Still, I find…

‘the umbrella academy’ s1e8: or how i learned to stop worrying and love the spoilers

‘The Umbrella Academy’ S1E8: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Spoilers

I have not, until this moment, reconciled with the notion of disclaiming spoilers. It seems abundantly clear that they will be discussed. But today and for this episode I am going to directly, loudly, full-throated, and emphatically state with a bullet: SPOILERS. Big ones. This episode breaks the dam that absolutely floods the chaos of…

Three days from the apocalypse, s1e6 of ‘the umbrella academy’ takes the time to be dreamy & romantic

Three Days from the Apocalypse, S1E6 of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Takes the Time to Be Dreamy & Romantic

No time for niceties, I’m afraid, my friends, we have so much to cover. The Umbrella Academy has turned out to be an embarrassment of riches, so full and vital that paring a review down to sub doctoral thesis length is an act of love and masochism (as if you could separate the two). Each…

The hargreeves find a little common ground in episode 5 of ‘the umbrella academy’

The Hargreeves Find a Little Common Ground in Episode 5 of ‘The Umbrella Academy’

If – and for our purposes, this preposition is purely hypothetical and to meet a very specific ends, keep in mind, please – The Umbrella Academy had nothing else going for it, Aidan Gallagher could single-handedly carry the burden of validation on his skinny, pubescent shoulders. I’ve let my Five bias shine blindingly, but if I…

The hargreeves navigate ghosts and siblings in episode 4 of ‘the umbrella academy’

The Hargreeves Navigate Ghosts and Siblings in Episode 4 of ‘The Umbrella Academy’

The moment I became aware of a series of comics written by Gerard Way of my chemical early twenties, there was never any danger of me being objective. I was going to love it, and I did. The show had some ludicrously large shoes to fill, and I was going to be equal parts indulgent…

The umbrella academy’s third episode prioritizes relationships over action

The Umbrella Academy’s Third Episode Prioritizes Relationships Over Action

I am being, perhaps, a bit reductive – and I hope you can forgive it, should that prove to be the case – in saying that the superhero genre is primarily built on the backs of isolated do-gooders, working to protect the innocent, preserve the world, save the kittens, you get the idea. This isn’t…

By episode 2, ‘the umbrella academy’ already knows exactly what show it is

By Episode 2, ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Already Knows Exactly What Show It Is

On the other side, now, having spent the weekend effectively binge-ing the whole of The Umbrella Academy, season one, I briefly considered letting myself off the episodic hook and writing an overview of the season as a whole. But that ultimately seemed like the coward’s way out and this is no country for the timid….

The week in geek entertainment news 1/25/2019 – links

The Week in Geek Entertainment News 1/25/2019 – Links

All the important geek news from this week rounded up in one place. Leslie Jones WENT OFF this past weekend about this upcoming Ghostbusters movie set in the original universe. –Comic Book Resource Leslie Jones, of course, faced backlash for this opinion, and Paul Feig spoke out in support. – Unsolved Mysteries reboot is coming…