The Week in Geek Entertainment News 1/25/2019 – Links

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All the important geek news from this week rounded up in one place.

Leslie Jones WENT OFF this past weekend about this upcoming Ghostbusters movie set in the original universe. –Comic Book Resource

Leslie Jones, of course, faced backlash for this opinion, and Paul Feig spoke out in support. –

Unsolved Mysteries reboot is coming to Netflix. Holy hell. –iHorror

Zombieland 2 movie rumors about the different types of zombies the characters will be facing, plus casting details. –

A lot of time this week spent hating on Glass. This was my favorite opinion:

Black Panther got nominated for Best Picture Oscar !!!

The official American Gods S2 trailer:

The latest Shazam trailer:

The CW orders a pilot for The Lost Boys. –Bloody Disgusting

The new trailer for The Umbrella Academy:

A new Resident Evil series is in development. –Geek Tyrant

Matt Smith joins the cast of Morbius. –

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