Interview with forgotton anne’s creative director and breaking news

Interview with Forgotton Anne’s Creative Director and Breaking News

Forgotton Anne is a breathtaking game filled with masterful aesthetics and storytelling, fun-filled gameplay, a powerful soundtrack, and Ghibli-inspired artwork. Forgotton Anne has accrued five-star ratings and a 9/10 on Steam and a 97% rating from users on Google. We are at the one-year anniversary of Forgotton Anne‘s release, and with that comes two pieces…

‘mighty no. 9’ gets equipped with disappointment

‘Mighty No. 9’ Gets Equipped With Disappointment

One of Kickstarter’s most hotly anticipated projects, Mighty No. 9, finally saw the light of day on June 21 in America and Japan, and critical response has deemed the game anything but ‘mighty.’ According to critics, Mighty No. 9 has landed with a thud. Debuting with a 56 on Metacritic for the Xbox One version (the highest score across all platforms),…

Pack 2 of ‘mortal kombat x’ characters coming this year

Pack 2 of ‘Mortal Kombat X’ Characters Coming This Year

Mortal Kombat X  is continuing the updates of new characters and valuable packages since the release nine months ago. Ed Boone, creative director of NetherRealm Studios, announced the second Kombat Pack for the latest Mortal Kombat X. The trailer for the next round is downloadable MKX content, which will reveal four brand new-characters that gamers…

‘lego worlds’ debuts in beta and looks a lot like ‘minecraft’

‘LEGO Worlds’ Debuts in Beta and Looks a Lot Like ‘Minecraft’

Do you remember those great plastic brick building sets you played with when you were a kid? Of course you do. They were the world’s greatest imagination toys by day and the bane of your parents’ feet by night. You probably still have your collection in storage. You may have a model or two (or…

Looking back at ‘five nights at freddy’s’

Looking Back at ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’

[youtube] When I say ‘Chuck E. Cheese,” what kind of flashbacks do you have? Are they rambunctious and colourful, or do you have horrible, war-like memories of the infamous ball pit? Regardless of your stance on the building, it does have a presence, and to some debatably lucky few, it was a childhood staple….

Broken age: risk gone right

Broken Age: Risk Gone Right

Great ideas deserve great attention, right? In the competitive world of game design, funding and support for preliminary game concepts can be hard to come by. Even experienced and talented creators (especially independents) struggle to acquire the means to produce their ideas. Today we have the gorgeous adventure game Broken Age (Act 1) available on…

Gta v to be released in fall of 2014 on ps4, xbox one, and pc. No wii u?

GTA V To Be Released In Fall of 2014 On PS4, XBox One, and PC. No Wii U?

E3 Announcement and Trailer During the Sony E3 Press Conference, it was announced that Rockstar’s record shattering title, Grand Theft Auto 5, would be receiving a graphically superior port later this fall. This upgraded and remastered rendition of the game will be made available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. What’s neat about this…