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‘Street Fighter V’ Gets New 3GB Update for PS4

The classic Street Fighter V gets a massive new update for gamers. Make sure you clear your space for the beta version.

Playable Beta is Closer Than You Think

Capcom’s upcoming Street Fighter V has received a new update for PlayStation 4. Eventhub has reported that the update is 3GB and brings a beta version of the game to 1.08. For unfamiliar gamers, Street Fighter V was produced by Capcom and co-developed by Dimps. Street Fighter carries a side-scrolling fighting gameplay of its predecessor. This means two fighters are able to use a variety of attacks and special abilities to beat their opponent. The game is hugely popular and the producers of the game were heavily inspired by the last four editions.

Capcom is also preparing to run another stress test online, while the game launches on February 16 in the United States and Europe for PC and PlayStation 4. The game has accessed cross-play between both platforms and includes new characters, Laura and Necalli.


Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto predicted that Street Fighter V would pave the way for the company’s success years following structural reforms in 2013. Tsujimotot announced, “Equipped with a business model for a new era, we are more excited than ever to soar ahead.” He also says “We released Monster Hunter X at the close of last year to widespread praise from our users, and thanks to them we have concluded the year with better hopes. We have an exciting lineup of titles in store for everyone in 2016 beginning with Street Fighter 5.”

After the launch of the game, characters such as Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Juri, Balrog, and Urien will be released. Each character will be earned by gameplay for free or purchased with immediate access. Gamers that want to use immediate access are allowed to purchase the 2016 Season Pass, which is now available for pre-purchase in the United States.

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