3m privacy filter, product review

Total Privacy Protection With 3M’s Black Privacy Filter

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3m privacy filter, product review

In this day and age, more and more people work from a computer and other devices in and out of the office as their job requires. Whether you are in your office work space or at your local coffee shop, spying eyes often can visually hack sensitive and personal information without your knowing as you are immersed in your computer activities. For this issue 3M has come up with a solution and a way to keep your privacy intact. 3M’s Black Privacy Filter is a new product from the manufacturing company which addresses the growing concern for visual privacy. The 3M Black Privacy Filter is an effective tool in maintaining proper and adequate privacy in both the work world and individual computer use.

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In a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute prior to the introduction of the line of 3M Privacy Filters, more than half said that their visual privacy had been violated, 69% in the workplace, 55% while traveling, and 51% in public spaces. Not only is privacy necessary in keeping work information confidential, but also personal information such as passwords and the like as many people are using online banking and making purchases via online retail.

Privacy is very important. Just one piece of valuable information obtained by a visual hacker has the capability to unlock a large scale data breach, and it goes without saying that nobody wants the person next to them reading personal emails and spying in on chat conversations. Whether you are a corporate leader or simply an individual in need of better privacy protection, 3M’s Black Privacy Filter may be just the thing you need. Learn More About 3M Privacy Products

Privacy Matters

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View of screen after the filter is applied

The 3M Filter does just what it is designed for and how it is marketed and advertised. The Filter is a slim film-like sliver that is put over your computer screen and held in place by two adhesive film strips. Once applied, the filter does not alter the computer user’s visual experience or the computer device’s lighting or graphics, however when looking from a slight angle aligned with the shoulder or just outside the keyboard edge, the screen appears black, much like the windows on a limousine.

Looking straight on from the computer user’s point of view, the screen appears as normal but as the angle changes, the screen view darkens quickly. A diagonal viewing angle from the screen with the filter is useless to the secondary observer. The filter is very effective in the fact that the person sitting next to you will never be able to see what appears on your computer screen, no matter how close he or she may be sitting. The 3M Privacy Filter is simple yet secure. This innovative product is easily removed from the packaging along with the adhesive strips and takes just seconds to place over and stick into place on your computer screen, once you have done so, nobody will ever be able to pry in on your computer activities ever again. Learn More About Visual Hacking

As more and more work and business matters are conducted on computers, information security is becoming incredibly important. Most people nowadays are using computers more than ever in both personal and business matters. The 3M Black Privacy Filter ensures that all of your most sensitive information is never at risk. The filter is worth adding to your computer setup. 3M’s latest computer privacy protection invention is a very simple yet very effective tool that lives up to its promises. Request a Sample

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